8 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mom

They say you never truly appreciate your own mother until you become a mother yourself and I have to say that it’s pretty true. Of course I appreciated all the loving little things my mom did for me while I was growing up, but I could never really understand her heart until I became a mother myself. Now that I have, I feel like I understand her so much better and she has definitely helped shape me in so many ways. All that she taught me over the years through modeling it herself has not gone unnoticed. So, in honor of Mother’s Day which is quickly approaching, I thought I would share just a few of the life lessons I’ve learned from my mom.

8 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mom

8 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mom

1. Have faith

My mom is a woman of strong faith and conviction and she stands by it. I have seen her go through good times and bad and in every situation the way she trusts and clings to her faith has been truly inspiring.

2. There is joy in serving others

You will never find a more selfless and giving person than my mom. That saying about someone who would “give you the shirt of their back” describes my mom to a T. Growing up (and even now) she is always going out of her way for others and finding ways to be a servant – whether that is babysitting so I can grocery shop in peace or dropping off an iced tea when she knows I’ve had a particularly hard day. She is always doing for others and she is so joyful as she does it.

3. Be authentic

My mom was always such a good model of authenticity. The person she is at home is the same person she is at church or the grocery store, which is something so hard to do – especially in a culture where we often feel so much pressure from media to fit into a certain mold. My mom has always been authentic and instilled the importance of this in me as well.

4. Be gentle


In a world that values toughness and grit, my mom is a sweet and gentle spirit. That’s not to say that she can’t be tough when she needs to be, but she truly is one of the most kind and gentle people I know and always thoughtful with her words. This has always been a good example for me, since I’m not always quite as gentle and sometimes think before I speak.

5. Having a balance of space and boundaries

Even though she can be a bit of a worrier, my mom was always trusted us. My brother and I always had clear guidelines and expectations set out for us, but I never felt smothered. She let us test the waters where it was safe and she always gave us freedom to explore and express our interests when she could’ve been overbearing and tried to steer us. No matter what decisions I make in my life, I know my mom will always be there supporting me and trusting me – in everything from the wedding colors I chose, to my choice to have a home birth. I hope that my own children will feel the same about me one day.

6. People are most important

My mom always puts people before anything else. Sometimes this can be frustrating, because she’s not particularly organized and she’s rarely on time, but usually it’s because she was dropping what she was doing in order to help someone else and how can I really be mad about that. If a friend called needing a listening ear, she would drop what she was doing just to be there for them. I tend to be the opposite – more regimented, with a schedule and she is always reminding me to leave room for people because they are most important.

7. There is value in sticking it out

My parents didn’t always have the happiest marriage and they definitely went through some rough patches when I was younger, but I knew they would always stick it out and figure out how to make things worth. My mom always instilled in me the value of sticking it out, because most times things can get better if you put in the effort…and they did. My parents have a happy marriage now and it’s a great model to look to.

8. Embrace who you are

Even though she may have her shortcomings and struggles, my mom always embraced who she was. I never once remember hearing her complain about her looks or wallowing about the things that she wasn’t. She embraced who she was and appreciated all of the wonderful things about herself instead of focusing on the negatives and always encouraged me to do the same.


What life lessons did you learn from your mom?

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