8 Inevitable Messes Toddlers Make & Why It’s Cute Now

Toddlers and messes go hand in hand, am I right? It seems that exploring and discovering for a toddler means exploding drawers and disorganizing cabinets. My Little Z wants to test the limits of gravity, physics, and mom’s pain tolerance stepping on Legos. Where ever Z goes, I’m sure to find a trail of toys, wipes, or milk leading right to her little wondering self. She gets into everything and I can’t help but actually enjoy her messes, or more appropriately, her discoveries. I wonder what she’s learned by completely removing the contents of her drawers? How much excitement rushes through her when she unravels the entire roll of toilet paper? How visually appealing is it to her developing brain to see all her favorite books sprawled out before her?

There are discoveries and developments to be made in each and every “mess” she creates. One day, her innocent explorations will end as she grows and matures. The cool sensation of the wet wipes coming out of the loud crinkly bag in what seems like a never ending game will no longer appeal to her as she moves on through life. These messes are what shape her toddler years. The may take just a few extra minutes to clean up after, but the memories will last forevermore.

  • Emptied Drawers

    Emptied Drawers

    Ladies, can we all agree that this will grow with her well into adulthood? Trying on everything in the drawers or closet until we find the perfect piece!

  • Books Everywhere

    Books Everywhere

    Zaynab has always been a bit of a bookworm. So how does she choose the right book? She doesn’t! She picks them all.

  • Unraveled Toilet Paper

    Unraveled Toilet Paper

    Teaching Z some independence means there will be learning curves in the journey. I asked her to bring a tissue to blow her nose. I suppose I should have clarified how much tissue.

  • Mealtime Messes

    Mealtime Messes

    3 meals a day, not including snacks, this will be the scene. Food on her face, hands, high chair, walls, ceiling, everywhere!

  • Spilled Milk

    Spilled Milk

    For a long time, Zaynab would inform me she was finished with her meal by dumping out her milk. Every. Single. Time. Seriously!

  • Water Color Paints

    Water Color Paints

    My older girls have quite the assortment of art supplies. Z is always ready to test her artistic abilities. Unfortunately, it’s usually on her face. Or walls. Or sofa.

  • Little Baker

    Little Baker

    Always eager to help me in the kitchen! I can’t blame her here, even I love playing with flour!

  • Spilled Milk

    Spilled Milk

    Did I mention the spilled milk? Oh sure, I could get her sippy cups, but where’s the fun (for her) in that? Besides, she really loves using cups like her big sisters.

  • Water Play

    Water Play

    If I’m cooking or baking in the kitchen, Z will drag a chair to the sink and play with the water for as long as she can. By the end of a few minutes of water play, her clothes will be drenched and there will be water all over the floor!

    She absolutely loves playing with water, so I let her splash away.

What messes does your toddler get into?

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