8 Foods My 1-Year-Old Can’t Get Enough Of

One is a magical age when it comes to feeding children. Curious, open-gaped mouths, ready and willing to try all that Mommy has to offer. Not yet wary of things that are green, or skeptical of foods with scents so strong you can smell them before they even come close to your mouth, most 1-year-old babies are like little birdies eager to taste it all. Such is the case with my 1-year-old, and he’s like a little vacuum most days, unable to suck down enough food to satisfy him. It’s a glorious time, because I get to see at least one of my children try all of my concoctions and recipes with wild abandon, and don’t have to hear the words, “Ewww, gross!” Here are 8 foods that my 1-year-old currently can’t get enough of.

  • Beets Of All Things!

    Beets Of All Things!

    I’ll start this show off with the biggest surprise I’ve had when it comes to experimenting with food. My little Hayden is in love with beets! I roast small cubes of beets with slices of onion, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper. The other day, after I had made a batch for myself, he kept insisting through grunts and vigorous finger pointing, that he too wanted to try the pretty red vegetable. I offered a piece to him, figuring he would spit it out, and he gobbled it up! It’s currently his favorite snack! Read on to see 7 other foods he can’t get enough of.

  • Eggs Any Style

    Eggs Any Style

    Hayden loves eggs, no matter how I cook them. Over-easy with runny yolks, scrambled with veggies and leafy greens, mixed with pieces of ham or bacon and even topped on pasta, he loves eggs prepared any which way. I love how easy they are to prepare, how nutritious they are, and that he can eat them easily and safely.

  • Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!

    Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!

    Corkscrews, raviolis, spaghetti or penne, Hayden is a sucker for pasta. I can douse them with olive oil or red sauce, leave them plain or serve them mixed with veggies, either way he loves a good noodle. They are filling and easy to prepare, and even the slipperiest spaghetti noodles are good finger foods for the novice self-feeder to the expert.

  • Popsicles


    With fall in full swing, the time to enjoy popsicles is soon coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean Hayden doesn’t love partaking in their frigid sweetness for as long as he can. Last week at the farmer’s market, he basically stole my homemade popsicle and refused to even share. Watch ingredients for extra added sugar, but if you make your own or buy a good brand, popsicles are packed with nutritious fruits and even vegetables!

  • Quesadillas


    As baby gets older, he’ll be a little more in-tune to the ingredients that you serve him, but for now, I am taking full advantage of my own baby’s trusting nature, and loading up quesadillas with interesting, nutritious flavor combinations. My latest concoction was a mix of roasted yams, black beans, mozzarella cheese and cilantro. Baked in an oven for a few minutes and cut into small pieces he can feed to himself, this easy to make menu item was a hit with baby!

  • Soup!


    Hayden is a huge fan of any and all kinds of soup, and is one of the few foods he will still let me feed to him. While he happily drinks the broth and pureed single ingredient soups, he also loves ones he can eat bits and pieces of. The other night I served chicken noodle soup with bits of chicken, noodles, green beans and carrots. He ate each ingredient separately and enthusiastically!

  • Sweet Potato Slices

    Sweet Potato Slices

    I discovered he liked these sweet potato slices by accident the other day. I peeled and sliced a sweet potato and roasted in the oven for a bit, to serve as a topping on our homemade pizzas. While I was making my pizza, and holding my clingy baby, he frantically pointed at the little golden rounds. I offered him one, and sure enough, it was love at first bite! Now he gobbles them up one by one whenever they’re offered.

  • Yogurt and Granola

    Yogurt and Granola

    While eggs are his favorite breakfast of choice, granola and yogurt are easily his favorite snack. While it does require me to feed him this dish, neither of us seem to mind much. He loves the sweet and crunchy taste of the snack, and I love still feeding my baby, reminding me that he is still very much a baby and not a toddler.

So what are your baby’s current favorite foods right now? Are you still serving purees, or are you mostly finger foods, like us? Please share some of your secrets to feeding success!

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