8 Beginner Chores for Toddlers

As your baby grows, they become more and more of their own little person. With that, comes learning about responsibility and taking care of yourself. With our girls, we have tried our best to teach them how to clean up after themselves, at a pretty early age. Somewhere around 18 months, our girls were old enough to understand the basics of chores, and could easily do them with our help. If you are wondering where to start, consider one of these eight chores…

  1. Putting toys and books away. This is the easiest of all chores for toddlers to comprehend. When they are done playing with a toy or reading a book, teach them to pick up after themselves and put them back where they go.
  2. Putting dirty clothes in the hamper. Here’s another great chore for little ones. After they take off their dirty clothes or pjs, have them put them in the hamper. After awhile, they’ll be able to do this without you having to tell them!
  3. Putting shoes away. This is a great chore, because shoes are usually stored lined up on the floor or in a bin of some sort. Best of all, toddlers will have to practice their matching skills as they look for matching shoes.
  4. Watering the garden. Toddlers LOVE water, so this one won’t even feel like a chore. Fill up a small watering can with water and help them water a small part of the garden. Once they are a little bit older, they’ll probably even be able to manage the hose.
  5. Setting the table. Now before you think this is too risky for a toddler, know that I’m not talking about having them carry glass dishes to the dinner table. But, toddlers can certainly help with silverware, napkins, and certain condiments like a tub of sour cream or a bottle of ketchup.
  6. Taking dishes to the sink. This one will take some practice, but little ones can certainly carry their empty lunch tray or dirty sippy cup to the sink.
  7. Turning off the lights. Teach your little one about conserving energy by teaching them to turn out the lights. If they aren’t tall enough, you’ll have to help them up to turn them off. They become great reminders! :)
  8. Picking out clothes for tomorrow. Before bed each night, have your little guy or gal pick an outfit to wear the next day. Give them the choice between a few options to make it easier. Then, have them put it someplace special so it’s all ready for the next morning.
What are your toddler’s favorite chores?
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