8 Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

I used to be a major product junkie. I like to think I am still am — however now it’s more so Burt Bees for Baby. While I still could spend hours in the make-up aisle of my local Target, I don’t get to primp in the mirror for hours anymore. But here is the thing we almost all always forget — it takes five minutes to spruce up your beauty routine. Even with a baby! I decided to snap a quick iPhone picture of my favorites inside my make-up bag so I could share how you can still have time to apply make-up — even if it means wearing the baby in the carrier while you do it.

So, take a look at my quick beauty tips so you can look and feel beautiful in just minutes. Time to makeover your beauty routine, pretty lady! 

1. Start with a Fresh Face

If you’re a sleep-deprived momma, keep skin cleansing wipes next to your bed so you don’t let your skincare routine get away. A good beauty routine starts with fresh, clean skin. I place my nighttime creams on my end table so I always remember to put it on and have no excuses to forget. Keep your daytime moisturizer near your toothbrush so you can remember to put some on, even if you don’t have time to apply makeup.

2. Do Bright Lips

I love a pretty, bold lip gloss or lipstick. Bold, rich colors also last longer, which means, less time reapplying! When you throw on a bright colored lip, you will instantly look polished and classy. And if you get a little on baby, that’s okay too!


3. Have Fun with the Eyes

If you have a tendency to not focus on the lips and you would rather spend time playing up the eyes — have fun with different colors of eyeshadow. A quick smoky eye is always the way to go. Or, add a little big of magic — a little bit of pixie dust. A.k.a., “sparkle” eyeshadow to brighten up those baby blues!

4. Beauty in the Kitchen

You would be surprised how many beauty tips begin right in the kitchen. My favorite? Olive Oil! It isn’t just for cooking. It is great for dry skin and works as a wonderful moisturizer. Just put on a dab after you wash your face, massage it into your skin, and in an instant you will see the difference. It feels like you just left the spa!

5. Don’t Forget The Brows!

We all forget about the brows right? Make it a habit to create a strong brow. It will make you appear less tired and give more shape to your face.

6. Use Bronzer and Self-Tanner

Add a little color to that pretty face! I know I always look much better with a little glow. Think back to your long days at the beach when you worked on that golden tan — ah, that pretty golden, sun-kissed look will instantly brighten you up. Try a moisturizer with a self-tanning component — a double product saves time and money.

7.  Work on Those Pearly Whites

Apply teeth whitening strips before bed. After all, your smile is the key to your beauty. Top your bright whites off with that bright bold lip, and everyone will wonder how you managed to pull yourself together in no time.

8. Take 5 or 10 Minutes for Yourself

Biggest mom tip ever: Get up and get yourself showered and ready before the kids. I know, the extra shut-eye is precious, but you will thank me! Pulling out your makeup bag really doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. It doesn’t take hours, just focus on each area of your face — give your eyes 2 minutes, lips 20 seconds, and mascara only takes about a minute. After those few minutes in the bathroom, you will feel fresh-faced and pretty — ready for the day.

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