8 Awesome Baby Photo Outtakes

Isn’t it true that for every decent photo you capture of your children, there are literally hundreds that need to be deleted?

This past weekend, I took some time to clean up and organize the photos on both my computer and my smartphone. The process was tedious, and I think my pointer finger got a blister on it from hitting the delete button over and over again.


And while the bulk of the outtakes got instantly trashed, I noticed a select few really captured the true essence of what our daily lives look like.

8 awesome baby Paul outtakes:

  • Sometimes the best photos can't be staged.

    Sometimes the best photos can't be staged.

    Most outtakes get deleted quickly, but sometimes if you look closely, they might reveal the best, most genuine moments of our lives.

  • Clearly, the force is NOT with him.

    Clearly, the force is NOT with him.

    If baby Paul could talk, I’m pretty sure he’d say in his best Yoda voice: “This silly green hat at all I like not.”

  • Chug, chug, chug!

    Chug, chug, chug!

    I was trying to text my husband a photo of how baby Paul could now successfully open the refrigerator door by himself. As I was snapping, he grabbed the hot sauce bottle and pretended to take a gulp! No worries, the cap was on tight and the bottle has since been successfully relocated to higher ground.

  • Can't! Breath!

    Can't! Breathe!

    For this photo, I was attempting to take a photo of my boys in matching sweaters. I told my 3-year-old to hug baby Paul, and he took his brotherly love a little too far.

  • Papa-paparazzi


    A classic “for the one-millionth time, Mom would you please get your phone out of my face” reaction. Yeah, I get that often.

  • Touchdown, baby!

    Touchdown, baby!

    I was trying to take a photo of baby Paul in his new highchair, when he did his classic “get me outta this seat now, I will not sit for these silly photos” reaction.

  • Stop, drop, and snooze.

    Stop, drop, and snooze.

    Not so much an outtake, but instead just a funny photo of me finding baby Paul sleeping in another weird place. It happens all the time, I turned my back on him for one minute, and it’s an immediate snoozefest.

  • Your mama's calling!

    Your mama's calling!

    Give a baby a roll of toilet paper? They will play for days.

    In this photo I think baby Paul is mocking my phone addiction. Hi-yaw, who’s there?

Honestly, I almost cried when I saw the photo of baby Paul slipping down the slide. At the time, I was attempting to capture a smile as he sat at the top of the slide before he pushed off, but as my camera snapped, he slid prematurely before he was ready. This amazing outtake will keep me laughing for days. And no, no baby was harmed. He was laughing by the time his rump hit the grass.

How about you? Capture any good outtakes of your kids lately?


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