7 Ways to Simplify Life as a Mom

I wrote a post about how I’ve been simplifying the summer life with my brood and what DIY tips and tricks have helped me get there. But I forgot to mention a few quick tips and life lessons to simplify your everyday as a mom.

Sometimes it takes a quick refresher to remind ourselves that we need to live simply.


1. Create a schedule. So you spend more time cuddling. 

Creating a schedule is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. Children love having a routine, and you will too! Especially if you have older children, when school is out it’s important to keep the structure while having fun!

2. Have places for everything. So you never waste time looking. 

In our home, everything has a place, or as we call, it a “home.” Our shoes go in a basket by the front door known as the “shoe home.” Even Grayson knows where to place them when we come inside. If you are constantly looking for your keys, tripping over shoes, and wondering where the overdue library books are, you’ll want to create an organized system that works for you so everything has its place at home.

3. Get ready the night before. 

I just cannot stress this enough! Want to aim for a perfect day? Get everything ready the night before, from packing the diaper bag to making sure outfits are laid out. It’s the best tip I can give you as a parent.

4. Make a system. 

When it comes to life with a baby and handling the housework, life can be overwhelming. Create a plan. Maybe make laundry day on Tuesday if you work from home. Or clean your bathrooms every Tuesday. Whatever it may be, devising a plan and schedule for housework can really come in handy too!

5. Find the best time-savers. 

Services like Amazon Prime and are a dream, from household needs to diapers to those last-minute birthday gifts that you need for the next day. An hour-long Target trip can be done in just a few minutes when you shop online. Plus, you’ll be surprised when you end up saving money!

6. Get rid of the clutter! 

I promise, it will make your home a happy place! Purge, purge, purge. It makes a world of difference.

7. Take time to smell the roses. 

One of my favorite quotes is from Mother Teresa — “It’s not how much you do, but how much you love you put into the doing that matters.” Always remember you can’t do it all, and that is A-okay. Take a look around once in a while and take time to not plan, not schedule, and just relax and enjoy all of the magical moments and memories you and your family make together.

So tell me — how do you simplify your everyday life as a mom? 

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