7 Tips for Dressing Your Little One for the Holidays

The holidays are filled with family gatherings, parties and events like visiting Santa and all of this means that there will be plenty of opportunities to dress up your little one in festive ensembles. As a wardrobe stylist, the holidays are one of my favorite times of year, because it means getting to dress the whole family in fun outfits and the littlest outfits are always my favorite. Here are a few simple tips to help your little one celebrate the holiday season in style and comfort!

  • 7 Tips For Dressing Your Little One For the Holidays

    7 Tips For Dressing Your Little One For the Holidays

    The holidays, filled with parties and fun events, are a perfect excuse to dress up your little one. Here are seven tips to help keep your little one stylish and comfortable!

  • 1. Add some holiday flair

    1. Add some holiday flair

    What other time of year can you go a bit over-the-top when it comes to dressing? The holidays are a perfect excuse! So add some sparkle, pair some red and green, or add ruffle tights to your little one’s ensemble. ‘Tis the season!

  • 2. Think comfort AND style

    2. Think comfort AND style

    I am all about getting little ones dressed up and I’ve never been a mom who takes her child out in public wearing pajamas. That said, comfort and practicality trump all when it comes to dressing little ones. Choose fabrics that feel nice and have a bit of stretch. Put your little girl in a dress that’s itchy and she’ll be miserable no matter how cute she looks. This outfit is a great example. All of the fabrics are stretch cotton and the tights are of the non-itchy variety. All I had to do was add a hair clip and some boots. Try to strike a balance between comfort and style – it can be done!

  • 3. Play with patterns

    3. Play with patterns

    Pattern mixing is one of my favorite ways to add visual interest to an outfit. Pairing stripes with polka dots or a tiny floral print with plaid will instantly make an outfit feel more festive. For those who are new to pattern mixing, start with patterns from the same color palette and mix small patterns with larger ones. Multiple large patterns paired together or only small patterns gets overly busy. Also, keep the rest of the outfit fairly simple to balance the pattern mixing.

  • 4. Mix up textures

    4. Mix up textures

    Keep things interesting in your little one’s ensemble by mixing up textures. This outfit, while simple, is given visual interest by mixing cotton stretch from the dress with a cable knit tight and a metallic shoe. I love the idea of adding in anything with a metallic sheen or a bit of sparkle. It’s a great way to make an outfit instantly more festive.

  • 5. Accessorize

    5. Accessorize

    Accessories can easily make any outfit feel more special. Just add a cute headband or a hair clip, a little bow tie, a hat or a scarf and your hum drum outfit will be more fun.

  • 6. Make essentials into accessories

    6. Make essentials into accessories

    While we’re talking about accessories, try to make your little one’s essentials into stylish accessories. When my daughter was teething and drooling like crazy I found some cute bandana bibs on Etsy that looked like a fun accessory, but did a great job of soaking up baby spit. There are plenty of cute “essentials” that can become accessories – even cute pacifier clips and blankets can serve as a way to accessorize even the tiniest babe.

  • 7. Bring a back up

    7. Bring a back up

    With little ones, messes and accidents are inevitable, so always bring a back up outfit. Come prepared with a simple, but festive alternative outfit should the need arise. Even holiday pajamas would be fun. Also, if you have a very tiny little one who still makes unpredictable messes you may want to change them into their outfit once you arrive at your destination – I’ve learned this one from experience.





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