7 Things My Little Girl Does That Make Me a Very Proud Mama

As moms, we always want to do what’s best for our kids. We also want them to do what’s best for themselves. It makes us feel like we taught them well and that they will be just fine when the day comes for them to go live their own lives (oh, how I dread that day).

My children make me proud daily, and I am sure all of you would say the same. It doesn’t take much to be overwhelmed with pride when you have a little munchkin running and crawling all over your home. All they have to do is wake up and smile. That pretty much does it.

Even though making me proud is easy, my kids are such unique individuals and they each have certain things they do that make me the proudest mama ever. Here are 7 things my little Jada bear does that make me one incredibly proud mama.

Shares her food. I know this is going to sound funny, but Jada loves food as much as I do. That’s why I am so proud of her when she picks up a piece of food she loves and offers it to her brother. It’s adorable. I mean, come on—you have to be proud of a kid that shares her favorite foods.


Says please. At 17 months, Jada is beginning to master the word please. As I watch her get the hang of saying it, I feel pretty good about the type of person I know she will be.

Doesn’t give up. My Jada is one persistent little girl. Whether it’s climbing the stairs or trying to figure out how to make a toy work, she will keep at it until she reaches her goal. It’s amazing.

Plays with her brother. I have a brother, but growing up I always wished we were closer in age. With only a two and a half year age difference, watching Jada play with her older brother just fills my heart with pride and joy.

Brings me books to read her. I really enjoy reading. I’ve enjoyed it since I was a child, so it’s no surprising that raising children who love to read is important to me. I can’t even tell you how excited I get when Jada goes to grab a few books and then sits on my lap. It’s a magical moment.

Puts her shoes in the closet. I’ll admit that I have no intentions of doing laundry for my kids by the time they are in high school. That said, when I see Jada already putting her shoes away on her own because she watches us do it, I’m so proud of her.

Runs around in her diaper. There is nothing like the pure joy babies seem to experience when they get to run around in their diapers. When Jada does it, she seems to have a blast. I truly do admire the ability our little ones have to be completely free and comfortable in their own skin.

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