7 Things I Won’t Be Needing for Baby #2

As a first time parent, you’re kind of flying blind at first. The list of gear out there seems endless and it’s hard to know which baby items truly are “must-haves” or not. In my experience, it’s all pretty subjective. What one mom absolutely loves, another will find completely useless. In the end, the baby gear you will need is really dependent upon you, your baby and your lifestyle.

That said, I always find it interesting to find out what other mamas consider essentials vs. non-essentials, so I thought I’d share a few things I’ve discovered to be non-essentials for me after having gone through the baby stage once before.


Here are 7 things I won’t be needing for Baby #2…
7 Things I Won't Be Needing For Baby #2

1. A wipes warmer

Someone gave me a hand-me-down wipes warmer when I had my daughter and I used it exactly zero times. It was just one more thing to think about when I was already overwhelmed. I get why people like them though — especially during winter months. During the summer though I’m hoping cold wipes won’t be quite as cold.

2. Tons of toys

A few toys is great, but the amount of toys my daughter had as a baby? Totally not necessary. Yes, babies enjoy having their senses stimulated by fun items, but they’re just as content to look at a page from a magazine or by listening to the rattle of your keys as they are playing with 18,000 toys.

3. Overly accessorized newborn outfits

I’ll be the first to admit that I went a little over-the-top when it came to dressing my daughter. What can I say? I’m a wardrobe stylist…it’s in my nature to want to put together fun outfits! That said, too many accessories for tiny babies just isn’t worth the hassle. Also, since we’re having a boy there will be less temptation for accessory overkill since they don’t have as many options. He’ll probably live in simple bodysuits and comfy pants for the most part.

4. Newborn baby shoes

I love me some baby shoes. They’re so cute and tiny! But, they’re also pretty impractical when it comes to newborns. I always put shoes on my daughter, but when she was teeny tiny? Nothing really fit. It was nearly four months before I could find any shoes to fit her feet. I’ll be saving my money this time and waiting until my baby is a wee bit bigger to purchase fun shoes.

5. Cheap diapers

As a new mom on a budget, I decided to try some of the bargain brands of diapers in the early days and it was a total disaster. Just because you can get a ton of diapers for a cheap price does not a bargain make. If your baby leaks out of every diaper, then you’re not getting a good deal. Our favorites ended up being Huggies (especially their Overnites that were the key component to us getting a full night’s sleep!).

6. Nursing covers

While nursing covers can be useful in the early days of nursing, once you get the hang of things, they’re more cumbersome than anything. This time around I’ll be ditching the nursing cover in favor of a lightweight scarf, or to be honest — nothing at all. Nursing without a cover can definitely be done in a very discreet way once you get used to it.

7. Infinite swaddle blankets

We had SO many swaddle blankets when my daughter was a baby. This time around, I’ve learned which ones work best and I’ll just be sticking to those, rather than messing around with blankets that aren’t quite the right size for tight swaddles.

What baby items have you realized you won’t be needing for your next little one?

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