7 Things I Love About the Newborn Stage

If you would have asked me about the newborn stage with my first child, I probably would have told you that I wanted to get through it as quickly as possible. As a new mom with little experience, I had no idea what I was in for.

Now two more children later, I look back and realize that I was just in complete shock realizing how much my baby needed me. Now that my girls are older and don’t need me as much, I know how truly special the newborn stage it. When I was pregnant with Macks, I was really looking forward to the first few weeks at home with him. Now I am savoring this precious time and all that it has to offer, because I know it won’t last for long. 

  • Sleeping


    From watching them sleep, to sleeping when they sleep. It’s all so wonderful and peaceful.

  • Tiny Everything

    Tiny Everything

    Tiny fingers and toes and even all of the tiny clothes. It’s all so cute.

  • Nursing


    Being close and being able to provide nourishment for your baby is the best feeling in the world. I forgot how much I love to nurse my little baby.

  • New Baby Smell

    New Baby Smell

    There is nothing like the smell of a newborn baby. I find myself just putting my nose against his head and taking it all in.

  • Closeness


    Your newborn needs you more than ever those first few weeks of life. It’s that closeness that really helps you feel that bond between a mom and her baby.

  • Cuddles


    All they want to do is cuddle up to you. Knowing that doesn’t last forever, I take full advantage of holding him close and cuddling.

  • The Movements and Noises

    The Movements and Noises

    The stretches, sleeping smiles, and the little coos are enough to melt my heart. I try to capture them all on camera just so I can always remember them.

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