7 Things I Forgot About Newborns

There’s this crazy little phenomenon that happens when you’re a parent, where first you learn something — and then as soon as your baby leaves that stage of development, you quickly forget about it so you can take in new information.

For example: a friend of mine had her second little boy around the time that my daughter was 4 months old. Her son older son was two, so you can imagine my surprise when I would get texts from her asking me (ME?!) newborn questions. I wondered how it was possible to forget these things, but now that I’m on the other side, starting over with a newborn of my own, I totally get it. There are so many little things I forgot about when it comes to newborns and I have to say that most of them have left me pleasantly surprised.


1. They have that smell.

I remember that newborns had a very distinct smell, but I couldn’t really remember just what it was until I smelled it again for myself and now I can’t get enough!

2. They sleep a lot.

Yes, I realize that sleeping is what newborns do best, but I forgot just how much of it they do. It’s kind of awesome. I know that it won’t always be like this, but for now I’m enjoying the cozy, calm, quiet.

3. They’re easy to take places.

Sure newborns require more gear than toddlers when it comes to outings, but once you’re out and about they mostly just want to sleep and eat. Much easier than a toddler who detests sitting still and inside voices.

4. They’re so tiny and delicate.

Toddlers are pretty hardy. When you pick them up, you can just throw them on your hip and go. Newborns require a little more finesse in the holding department. It all came back to me, but at first it felt a little awkward trying to remember how to hold a newborn. Also, newborns weigh nothing! Even the big ones feel so light compared to their older siblings!

5. You have diapers for days.

My toddler still isn’t potty trained, but even so, we only go through 4-5 diapers a day around here. Newborns are an entirely different story. SO. MANY. DIAPERS.

6. They have so many wardrobe malfunctions!

I forgot how many outfit changes newborns go through. It’s actually kind of impressive. In between leaking through diapers to spitting up, there are multiple clothing changes each day (for both of us!). I had kind of gotten used to my tidy toddler who can often wear an outfit more than once without it needing a wash. Our laundry loads have definitely increased.

7. You experience “the falling in love.”

There is nothing quite so sweet as falling in love with your little person, but you sort of forget about it until it happens again. It’s the best.

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