7 Super Helpful Things Every Tired Mom Needs in Her Bag

Motherhood is wonderful and magical, and I would not trade it for anything in the world. But, can I be honest with you for a second? Motherhood is incredibly tiring. It’s not a complaint, because my children add countless moments of joy to my life; it’s simply an observation. Raising people is no easy feat, and moms everywhere need more rest.

There are days where I know I could benefit from waking up at 10 a.m. and taking a nap five hours later, but that won’t happen—ever—so I have learned how to make the best out of my really tired days by keeping a few useful things in my bag. Sure, they don’t take away my need for sleep, but they definitely make it a little easier to push through the day in the hopes of getting some much-needed rest after my little ones are all tucked in.

Here are a few things I always carry in my bag to help me survive when I am especially tired.

  1. High Protein Snack. The only think worse than running around tired is running around tired and hungry. If you are low on fuel, the day can feel impossible. Keep snacks that are high in protein with you at all times. It can give you a boost just when you need it most.
  2. Water. Instead of reaching for coffee, reach for a cold bottle of water. Dehydration can make us look and feel pretty tired so when we drink up we definitely get a bit energized.
  3. Sunglasses. This may not be as effective on a really cloudy day, but on sunny days a cool pair of shades can keep you looking stylish without exposing your puffy eyes. It’s helped me on occasion. Plus, protecting your eyes from the sun, no matter what time of year, can help you prevent premature aging.
  4. Lip gloss. Lip gloss is fun, and it’s such an easy way to look like you actually spent a little bit of time on yourself. If you don’t have time for an entire makeup job, a cool shade of gloss may do the trick.
  5. Facial Cleaning Cloths. Sometimes you just need to refresh your face to help you feel more awake. This is a great alternative if you can’t access a sink to splash some cold water on your face. Depending on the brand, you might even be able to freeze the pack before you leave the house. That will give you a real “pick me up.”
  6. Eyedrops. This is helpful for those days when your baby woke up six times the night before and you are so tired that your eyes are dry and red. A few drops can help you look and feel better—at least for a little bit.
  7. Eyeliner. I am actually not a big eyeliner girl, but I know that a bit of eyeliner can brighten the whites of my eyes and make me look a bit more awake than I really am. This is especially helpful if you have a meeting or some other commitment that requires you to look pretty alert.

Moms, what do you keep in your bag to help you make it through the tough days?

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