7 Reasons Winter Babies Are the Best

I have four children, three of which were born during the coldest months of the year. And while I also have a daughter who was born in the heat of the summer, I’ve decided I undoubtedly prefer giving birth during the winter, opposed to the summer.

Here are the reasons why!

  • An excuse to

    An excuse to "hunker down"

    The frigid temps of the winter, coupled with cold and flu season, is the best reason I can think of to invest in some good pajamas, hunker down under the flannel sheets, and never leave the house until spring.

  • Swimsuit season is ages away

    Swimsuit season is ages away

    Having a baby in November means that swim suit season is still a distant memory away. Enjoy being a new mom now, because there is plenty of time in the future to worry about getting your beach body back.

  • Holiday Food & Drinks

    Holiday Food & Drinks

    Having a baby right before the holidays mean you can finally indulge in a few favorite foods that might have been previously off limits. For me, this means soft cheeses, red wines, and of course a few seasonal caffeinated beverages.

  • Showing off the new bundle to friends & family

    Showing off the new bundle to friends & family

    I look forward to the celebrating the holidays all year long. Getting to attend parties and introduce my new child to all my friends and extended family feels like the greatest gift ever.

  • Extra time off work

    Extra time off work

    One of my favorite things about having a winter baby is that my husband is fortunate and receives a few extra days of paid vacation from his job, at a time I need his help the most.

  • Primetime TV

    Primetime TV

    We don’t have a DVR, which means we’re still one of those rare families who look forward to must-see TV, watching it when it actually airs for the first time. Since, all the new episodes run during the colder months of the year, snuggling a new baby on the sofa becomes a perfect excuse to stay in and watch the tube.

  • Snuggle bug

    Snuggle bug

    In my opinion, there’s no way better to warm up my heart and soul than to snuggle my little one. Don’t get me wrong, snuggling in the summer is nice too, but it’s twice as nice during the cold winter months.

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