7 Pregnancy Perks I’m Determined Not to Miss!

Oh sweet, sweet pregnancy! It may have its downs — nausea, sleepless nights, mood swings — but the perks are totally something to savor. While I may have enjoyed those perks during my previous pregnancies, I’m determined to get the most out of every single moment this fourth time around. Who knows if I’ll ever get this chance again?

Pregnancy Perks I'm Enjoying

1. Cravings

I remember my very first craving in my first pregnancy was for a huge bowl of sugary colorful breakfast cereal. At 11 pm. My husband dutifully obliged and headed to the supermarket. However, throughout my following pregnancies, I put a cap on most of my cravings chalking it up to either the food not being necessarily good for me or feeling bad about sending my husband out to the grocery store in the middle of the night. This time, whatever Amnah craves, Amnah eats! I know that all year round, I eat pretty healthy. So if I’m craving a fluffy chocolate glazed doughnut, then by all means, I think I deserve one. It hits the spot and Baby rewards me with sweet kicks and waves.

2. Naps

Let’s face it, being pregnant is exhausting. I learned not to fight it and to give in to what my body is asking for. I’ll hand the girls over to my husband or set them down for a movie and nap on the living room sofa next to them. It gives me a chance to recharge and continue the rest of my day chasing around my little ones. Besides, once Baby is born, sleep will be a distant dream.

3. Maternity Jeans


What other time of our adult lives is elastic waistband pants acceptable fashion or seen as chic? Maternity jeans are  “mom jeans” I gladly wear to accommodate my big, beautiful growing belly. (Shhhh, don’t tell anyone that I wear them months postpartum because they’re so darn comfy.)

4. Help

When you’re pregnant, it seems everyone wants to help you with something. Babysitting, cooking, lifting things, whatever it is, someone wants to pitch in. As someone that is very used to doing things on my own, this was a hard one to accept. Now that I finally let go, I’m reaping the benefits of a quite afternoon alone while the girls have a play date, a hot cooked meal I didn’t have to prepare, and less back pain. Yay for help!

5. Nesting

This is such an incredible phenomenon! I wish I could bottle up this feeling to use all year. I have been nesting like crazy this pregnancy because I know it’s going to be a loooong time before I get around to any projects once the baby is born. I’ve completed more tasks and home improvement projects in these past few months than I have all year!

6. Baby Kicks

Hands down, this is my favorite thing about being pregnant. It’s so miraculous to sit and ponder the life growing inside of me as my little one “kicks” and rolls around. Even though I can obviously feel the baby move from the inside, I always place my hand on my belly to enjoy the movements from outside as well.

7. The Calm Before the Storm

After having a baby, the newborn stage is a trying one. The laundry will pile up, we’ll eat lots of take out, and I’m certain I will hardly sleep. With this pregnancy, I’ve learned to savor these final moments of calm. I’m appreciative of our routines and the familiarity of our family dynamic. I’m devoting as much time to my daughters and husband before Baby sweeps in and soaks up my energy and attention.


What are your favorite pregnancy perks?

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