7 Great Things About Being a Little Sister

Having an older brother isn’t always easy. Sometimes he can boss you around, or get you in trouble. And let’s not even start on how overprotective older brothers can be. It’s a lot. Sure, they mean well, but some days it can feel like they are here just to drive their little sisters nuts.

But, even with all the challenges older brothers can bring our way, they often turn out to be some of the coolest people we know, and they make the very best friends. They laugh with us, they hug us when we need it most, and they often protect us when we didn’t even realize we needed protecting.

As I watch Jada and her brother develop a bond that no one will ever break, I know that their good days together will far outweigh any challenges they face as siblings. I know he will drive her nuts at time, but I also know that she will appreciate all of the awesome things that make being a little sister pretty cool.

Here are some of wonderful things that come with being a little sister.

1. You have someone to get in trouble with. Even though I dream of kids who listen to me all the time, I know that won’t happen. But if they are going to get in trouble, at least they have each other. When you are a kid, nothing beats having a partner in crime that lives with you.

2. Someone will always have your back (even when you think you don’t need it). It’s nice to know that someone who knows you really well will always be there, no matter what happens.

3. You always have a buddy to play games with. I know siblings don’t always want to play together, and that is totally fine. What matters is that they have someone under the same roof, if they do decide to play together.

4. You can sharpen your athletic skills whenever you’d like. I think both of my kids will love sports, and it’s nice that they will be able to practice together.

5. They help you recognize your true worth early on. Brothers try to let their sisters know that they are pretty awesome, although in a very subtle way. It’s pretty wonderful for a girl to know how great she based on how she’s been treated by one of the first guys she ever loved.

6. Someone is always cheering for you. Even if a brother is totally upset with his little sister, he will still cheer her on more than anyone else, because that’s what big brothers do.

7. You have someone to help you plan to take over the world. Nothing beats that.

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