7 Disney Experiences to Enjoy Before Baby Turns Two

Babies don’t stay little forever and some things are best experienced before they become toddlers! Check out this list of Disney-inspired experiences to enjoy with your little ones before they turn two.

1. Reenact favorite Disney movie scenes.

Get out your camera and capture these precious moments while you can! Spike baby’s hair like Jack-Jack in The Incredibles. And of course, lift baby up like Simba in the Lion King — that’s a classic!

2. Sing them a song. 

Do you like to “Whistle While You Work”? Or perhaps belt out “Just a Spoonful of Sugar” when the medicine goes down? Of course your precious bundle will adore when you serenade them with “Baby Mine” at bedtime. Sing to your baby now because I promise, in a few years if you burst into your own rousing rendition of “Let it Go” when your toddler has a tantrum, it’s definitely going to cause a few additional tears!

 3. Find the perfect snuggle buddy.

My daddy bought me my first plush toy, a Winnie the Pooh, when I was just one year old on my first Disneyland visit. You can be sure that after years of bedtime snuggles, my Pooh Bear is a treasured possession! Find a sweet snuggle buddy that your baby can cuddle with and help them create an attachment. Having a soft plush toy that they can sleep with can help them ease into bedtime as well.

4. Use the complimentary admission to Disney Parks for kids two and under. 


Don’t let anyone talk you out of taking your baby to Disney. Even though they probably won’t remember the trip, seeing their face glow with excitement on “it’s a small world” is something you’ll never forget! My 9-month old son Dillon was delighted with meeting the Characters on his first visit and we captured some fabulous photos that he loves to look at now that he’s older.

5. Dress baby as your favorite character.

Before you know it, your little prince or princess will have their own very strong opinions about which Disney character is their favorite. So if Tinker Bell is your fav, you might want to dress up baby now! Once she turns two, your toddler will let you know exactly which costume they will (or won’t!) wear. Dillon has dressed like Mickey Mouse at Halloween for the past two years on his own accord, so hopefully your Disney influence will rub off!

6. Give him or her the perfect Disney-inspired nickname.

Is your baby more of an Eeyore or a Tigger? A Sleeping Beauty or Prince Charming? Whether they’re a Sleepy, Sneezy, or Grumpy, there are some adorably appropriate Disney nicknames for your little one. I’ve been calling my baby Natalie “Squishy” (as in Dory’s quote from Finding Nemo, “I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.”) Yep, when you see those kissable baby cheeks, Squishy just fits her perfectly!

7. Find Never Land.

Wishing that baby would never grow up? Though you might be wishing on a star that your little joy will stay little forever, it’s important to stay in the moment. Keep a baby memory book in plain sight (rather than up on a bookshelf where it’s easily forgotten). This way you can quickly write things down as they happen. Take lots of photos and jot down those memorable moments because babies aren’t babies for very long!

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