7 Emotional Baby Milestones

There is no shortage of information on the internet about child development. After a few seconds of searching, you’ll find lists and guides and timelines of all the milestones wee ones are supposed to be crossing and exactly when they are expected to cross them. While those are all fun and good, we’ve been paying attention to the emotional milestones. Sometimes, they’re even more exciting than the physical ones.

Here are our 7 favorite emotional milestones our son has hit so far…

baby in crib standing up

1. The first time he turned and looked right at us – This made us feel like he finally could connect with us which was a great feeling!

2. The first time he turned his head when he heard our voice – This was so special because we knew he recognized our voices and was happy to hear them.

3. The first time he smiled when he saw us – This is a moment every parent looks forward to and it is just as exciting as everyone says. You feel as if all the long nights and self sacrifice are all worth it.

4. The first time we made him laugh – Figuring out your baby’s sense of humor is so fun. And nothing makes you feel better or more hilarious than a little baby cracking up because you made a silly face at him.

5. The first time he reached for us when someone else was holding him – I know this didn’t make the other person feel very good but I must admit that the first time my son turned and reached back for me after I handed him to someone else was an AMAZING feeling. I like being the favorite.

6. The first time he crawled toward us – It was so fun to see him stop what he was doing and want to be near us.

7. The first time he cuddled with us when he was upset – This one you guys just melts your heart! The first time it happened was when he was trying to sit up and fell over. He didn’t get hurt but he scared himself. He turned to and crawled to us to be soothed. HEART*MELT!

These are just a few of our favorite emotional milestones. As great as it can be to see your child hit some of the big physical milestones like sitting or grabbing toys or even pulling himself up to standing, these emotional milestones were just as exciting, if not more.

Which milestones were your favorite to watch your children hit? Are you looking forward to anything in particular?

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