6 Adorable Ideas for Monthly Baby Photos

It sounds cliché, but it’s so true. Babies grow so fast! Taking a monthly photo helps capture those fleeting moments. Plus, grandparents love to ooh and ahh over those photos. For the “ohana” that loves all things Disney, try adding a Disney spin to Baby’s photo shoots.

Having a consistent location or props allows focus to go to the growing baby. Plus, the collection make for fun décor for a first birthday party.

Use a Stuffed Plush for Reference
Use the same stuffed animal each month as a frame of reference for growth. As Baby grows, it’s so sweet to see him or her interact with the plush Mickey or Minnie.

Pose Baby with Mickey Ears
See Baby grow into his or her Mickey ears. For newborn photos, rest the ears on top or in front of the baby. As time goes on, you’ll be able to see how much your mouseketeer has grown as the ears fit better and better.


Say It with Blocks
Wood blocks have a timeless feel. Use a set to spell out the baby’s number of months. They double as fun for stacking when Baby’s ready.

Chalk It Up to Adorableness
Buy or DIY a chalkboard to commemorate each month’s milestones. I prefer chalk markers over dusty chalk around newborns. Photograph your baby next to the chalkboard. It’ll help you keep track too!

Get Inspired by Disney Films
Have a favorite Disney film? Theme your photo shoots to your beloved movies. For example, try adding a balloon each month to a basket for some Up-themed sweetness.

Pick Something as Sweet as Your Baby
Collect number candles and turn on the oven. Each month, photograph Baby with a sweet treat adorned with the appropriate number candle. When your little one turns one, you’ll be ready for a cake smash photo shoot.

Capture the moments as your Disney Baby grows with monthly photo shoots. Don’t forget to tag @DisneyBaby so we can watch your princes and princesses grow.

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