6 Baby Items That Can Do Double Duty

When it comes to purchasing all of the baby items on one’s registry, the list can feel a bit daunting. Apparently babies need quite a lot of things, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when baby items are able to pull double duty. Here are a few great options for items that will get you more bang for your buck!

Wet/Dry Bag

As a mama who doesn’t cloth diaper, a wet bag always seemed like one of those items I would never need…until recently. I have recently fallen madly in love with mine, for so many reasons! Not only are wet bags great for storing soiled clothing, but I also use mine to keep water bottles from sweating in my diaper bag, I store my phone and keys in it when we’re at the beach or the lake, and I use it to organize items in my bag. Definitely multipurpose!


Bodysuits are great for cold weather layering or simply wearing on their own during the spring and summer. 

Sleeved Bib


Sleeved bibs are one of my most favorite baby items ever. Not only are they fantastic at catching mealtime messes, but they also double as an art smock for crafty times with the kiddos. 

Play Yard

A play yard can be used for many things – for baby to sleep in during the early days while you’re rooming in together or even as a long-term substitution for a crib. Certain ones can be used as a changing table as well! We also use ours as a an occasional safe spot for Baby to play that is contained during the day. Great for travel and for everyday use!

Baby-to-Big-Kid Seat

This seat is a brilliant all-in-one that can vibrate to soothe your baby and rock as well. It has a small footprint, which is much appreciated when you have a small space, and I love that it can also grow with your child to be used as a reclined seat once they are older.

Sleep & Play

Sleep & plays make the perfect ensemble for both bedtime and cozy days at home!


What are some of your must-have baby items that can go the distance and be used in more than one way?

{Photo by Coeur de La Photography}

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