6 Ways My Daughters are Completely Different!

This morning, I went to get my toddler up from her nap and opened the door to discover her standing just inside the room.

Out of her crib!

My older daughter was in a crib until she was 2 1/2 years old, and she never seemed to even think about trying to get out of it.

So having a not-even 18-month child escape was a complete shock to me.

It’s yet another reminder that every child really is their own little person.

Here are a few other ways she’s been different than my first daughter:

Differences Between sisters
  1. She has WAY slower teeth. My older daughter had teeth at 5 months old and a full set by about 18 months old. My second daughter didn’t sprout her first ones until after she was 11 months old.
  2. She loves to snuggle. My older daughter was never a snuggler, but from day one, our baby loved being cuddled. (You can imagine that my husband and I were over the moon about this).
  3. She learned to go to sleep on her own very quickly. Our older daughter was always a good sleeper, but it took a fair amount of effort to train her to go to sleep on her own. Our second baby, though, was quick to learn to fall asleep on her own (possibly because she was a second child and we didn’t have as much time to rock her for ages before putting her down for every nap and bedtime).
  4. She has curly hair. One child has stick-straight hair. The other has beautiful curls. Same parent, different hair.
  5. She’s a screamer. My older daughter never screamed as a toddler. But this second one screams ALL the time. I must admit, we’re kind of perplexed by it.
It’s really fun to see the differences between them, some that are great and some that are . . . not so great. Either way, it makes for a lot of personality in our house.
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