6 Things to Toss in Your Beach Bag

Heading to the beach this summer?

So are we!

I’m so excited to spend about a week at the Outer Banks as a family in a few weeks, and I’m starting to think about what to pack to make it a fun trip for the whole family.

We did a similar trip last year, so I learned a few things along the way. Besides the swimsuit, flip-flops, and sunscreen, here are a few other things to consider bringing:

  • A waterproof bag

    I don’t love ending a beach trip with a soggy, sandy swimsuit stuffed in my purse. This waterproof bag (with a cute princess pattern!) is perfect for keeping the water and sand contained. Plus, it’s machine washable!

    Available from Disney Baby

  • Swim Diapers

    When we swim at the pool, we generally use a cloth swim diaper, but when I’m at the beach, I don’t want to deal with all that sand in my washing machine. Disposable swim diapers are the way to go!

    Available from Disney Baby

  • Hooded Towel

    I really like a hooded towel at the beach to keep my baby completely warm when I’m drying her off. Plus, there are so many cute options!

    Available from Disney Baby

  • Minnie Mouse Castle Cups

    My girls LOVE these bath toys, but they are perfect for the beach too – not only can you sift water through them, but they are ideal for scooping sand and building little sand castles.

    Available from Disney Baby

  • Pacifier and Clip

    I really like bringing a pacifier to the beach because it keeps my baby from eating sand (yuck!). Plus, the clip keeps it from getting washed away in the tide.

    Available from Disney Baby

  • Sippy Cup

    It’s so easy to get dehydrated from all that sun! Toss in a cup to keep your baby from getting worn out from lack of fluids.

    Available from Disney Baby

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