6 Things That Having Kids Gives Me License to Do

One unexpected perk of having kids is that I now have excuses for all sorts of things I actually love to do anyway (afternoon snack anyone?).

Here are six of my favorites:

Swinging on the Swings

  1. Buy whole milk. I’ve never been a milk drinker, but then I discovered how good whole milk is. And I’ll be buying whole milk for ever under the pretense that my 5th percentile children need it until they are 18. Once they move out, I don’t know what I’ll do.
  2. Swing on the swings. I’ve always loved swinging on the swings and now I get a chance to do it multiple times a week. Wheee!
  3. Have a daily afternoon snack. How can I complain about having graham crackers or apples and peanut butter or popsicles every afternoon at 3 p.m.?
  4. Go swimming and just sit on the steps the whole time. I like to go to the pool, but I’m not really into actually swimming or pool games. Sitting on the steps with a toddler is pretty much the perfect pool trip to me. Plus, when I let my husband swim laps or dive, then I look really kind, even though I don’t actually want to do anything else anyway.
  5. Wander aimlessly through every aisle of Target. When I’m on my own, I feel like I need to check off errands as fast as possible, but with the girls, I can happily burn time before nap time by looking at every single shelf.
  6. Put on my pajamas by 7:05 p.m. My girls go down at 7, so obviously it is late night and time for PJs by 7:05.
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