6 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

I recently did a post on a few things I couldn’t wait to do after giving birth — so I thought, why not do a post on things I miss about being pregnant? Obviously, I wouldn’t trade having our little one with us for the world, but here are a few things that I do miss:

The attention: I miss all the attention I would get, not only from my family, but from complete strangers as well. From Target to the supermarket, random strangers would let me cut them in line just like that, all because I was pregnant!


Nap Time: Ahhh nap time. How sweet it was to take naps at random hours throughout the day. Sometimes I would even take three naps. It was the best. thing. ever.

Guilt-Free Eating: Sure, I’ll have a Bandeja Paisa. Hey, I’m eating for two, right? So what if you’re technically supposed to eat only 300 calories more a day?

Blaming Things on Pregnancy Brain: I’m really forgetful as it is, but being pregnant just gave me something to blame it on. “Oh, it’s baby brain.”

Feeling the Baby Kick: It was so sweet feeling my baby kick and knowing a little person was growing inside of me. It truly is amazing and the one thing I miss the most.

Getting out of House Chores: At my house, we have a “chores calendar,” but that quickly went down the drain once I hit my third trimester. My husband took over doing chores, and it was great!


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