6 Simple Newborn Photo Props You Probably Already Have

I think newborn photos are the sweetest, but I’m not a fan of making them super elaborate. Babies in tutus and dressed to be camouflaged in baskets of fruit just aren’t my jam. I love simple photography and beautiful natural light that allows the focus to be right on that beautiful little babe.

That said, I think props can also be a great addition to newborn photos when chosen carefully. Keep those props sweet and simple and your photos will look great!

Here are a few baby photo props that would be great for newborns. And I bet you probably already have some of them on hand!

  • 6 Sweet and Simple Newborn Photo Props

    6 Sweet and Simple Newborn Photo Props

    Newborn photo shoots are best when they’re kept sweet and simple. Here are a few ideas for your newborn photos using props you probably already have at home!

  • 1. A chalkboard and/or Photoshop

    1. A chalkboard and/or Photoshop

    People are so creative when it comes to newborn photos and month-by-month photo shoots and one item that is a mainstay photo prop is a trusty chalkboard. You can use it to write your baby’s name, vital stats, or likes and dislikes on. The options are endless. I love this cute little birth announcement that Lauren Jimeson of A Mommy in the City put together. Sweet and simple. You can also add wording and stats onto your photos after the fact with Photoshop!

    Photo via A Mommy in the City

  • 2. A fuzzy rug

    2. A fuzzy rug

    A fuzzy rug to lay your babe on as a background makes to a sweet and simple way to add visual interest to those newborn snaps.

  • 3. A Moses basket

    3. A Moses basket

    I’m in love with Moses baskets. They are another item of baby gear that is both functional and cute as a photo prop. I love this little blue basket for snapping photos of a little one in.

    Photo via @vanillaandlace on Instagram

  • 4. A cute swaddle blanket

    4. A cute swaddle blanket

    Newborns love a good swaddle, so instead of fussing over the perfect little outfit that will just get covered up, let your swaddle be your statement! I love this House of Mia swaddle on my friend Tania’s little girl Magnolia. So sweet!

    Photo via @mamainbloom on Instagram

  • 5. A baby wrap

    5. A baby wrap

    There is nothing sweeter than a mama holding her baby and I’ve been loving all the newborn photos I’ve been seeing lately of moms with their little ones in baby wraps. There’s something so cozy and sweet about it! A cute wrap can serve as both functional baby gear and as a cute photo prop!

    Photo via Solly Baby Wrap

  • 6. A cool background blanket

    6. A cool background blanket

    A cool patterned blanket also makes for a great newborn photo background. I’m kind of partial to Pendleton prints and plaids myself.

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