Our 6-Step Nighttime Routine That Works!

If, like me, you had struggles getting your toddler to sleep own their own in their “big kid” bed, then you probably know how much a good bedtime routine can help things go smoothly each night. If you have not yet crossed this hurdle (or are about to) then you may want to give our bedtime routine a try.

1. Turn off the TV. About 30 minutes before getting into the routine, I turn off the TV to kind of wind things down.

2. Have a bath. I do a quick little bubble bath. My kids love bubbles; this makes them happy and the warm water soothes them.

3. Brush teeth. After the bath, I have the children brush their pearly whites.

4. Put on PJs. After lotion and undies/diapers, I let them pick out the pajamas they would like to wear that night. My son always goes for a set of Mickey ones like these Mickey Mouse PJs.


5. Have storytime. I let the kids pick out the book of the night, but I always go for something that isn’t too long. The Winnie the Pooh: Baby’s First Record Book is a really cute option, because it’s personalized with your child’s name and photo! Your child will see the adorable drawings of Pooh in the book, so it’s perfect to pair the book with a Winnie the Pooh plush toy for cuddling as they fall asleep, to be comforting and give them reassurance that they are not alone.

6. Pray. Our last step at bedtime is to pray. I pray the same prayer every night, which covers all the bases while being easy for them to memorize, so they’ll able to pray on their own one day.

After all these steps are done, I seal it with hugs, kisses, and a final tuck of the sheets to make sure both baby and Pooh Bear are snug as a bug.

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