6 Reasons I Love Our Minnie Mouse Carseat

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me the Cosco Minnie Mouse Carseat for free.


Toddler carseatI’ve been a parent for four years, and this Cosco Minnie Mouse carseat is the first one we’ve had that I actually been really happy with. Almost every time we get in the car as afamily, I tell my husband, “I LOVE this carseat.”

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Cup Holders! I LOVE the cup holders. When my babies are little, it’s great for tucking in a bottle or pacifier, and when they get older, it’s perfect for snacks or some crayons.
  2. The Price Tag. Carseats can be so expensive! I love that this one is less than $60 at Kmart.
  3. It Lasts for Ages. This works for babies as small as 5 pounds all the way up to a 40-pound toddler. That means a newborn can use it on the way home from the hospital, and my 4-year-old is also perfectly comfortable in it forward-facing. That’s a lot of use out of one carseat!
  4. Lightweight. Our previous carseats have been SO heavy. Every time we take them on vacation or haul them through an airport, my husband and I are both frustrated by how bulky and heavy they are. This one is easy to get in and out of the car, or carry onto an airplane.
  5. Small Profile. Our other carseat is a beast. It takes up so much room in the car, and I’m not even sure why – it’s not like it came with a DVD player on it. Just the same two cup holders. This one is ideal because it’s just not enormous.
  6. Machine Washable. If your children are anything like mine, this is a must. I love that you can take off the cover, toss it in the washing machine, and it comes out with no more Cheerio crumbs and bits of spit-up.
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