6 Items for Baby You Might Not Think to Take to Disney Parks

Going on your first magical vacation with baby is memorable! Packing everything you’ll need into one portable bag can definitely be a challenge, though. Once all those diapers, wipes, and extra clothes are ready to go, what else should you bring?

Here are a few things for baby that you might not have thought of to take with you into a Disney Park.

1. Sunglasses: Because the Bright Sun Can Make Baby Cranky

Being in the bright sun all day can be annoying for anyone. I know I tend to get a little cranky when I’m constantly squinting in the sun.

Since babies are usually riding in their stroller or held in a front carrier, we might not think they need sun protection. But many of the ride queues are in the sun, so not only should you be slathering them with sunscreen and topping off their heads with a sun hat, but you should be sliding on a pair of shades to protect their eyes as well.

Bring a pair of sunglasses for baby but make sure you “practice” with them for a few weeks leading up to your trip. You’ll have to get your little one used to wearing them — otherwise they’ll take them off quicker than you can say “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!”

2. Disposable Bibs: You’ll Have One Less Thing to Carry!

A bib is a must of course, but who wants to carry around food-crusted bibs all day?

Pack several disposable paper bibs with you to use and toss after meal time. I was so glad that we brought them the first time my son had barbecue beans at Disneyland! He had a great time stuffing the messy beans in his mouth and that bib was covered with sauce when dinner was done.

Of course it’s always a good idea to bring extra baby clothes too, in case of any other accidents. (No better reason to have a few extra adorable Disney-themed outfits for those perfect photo ops on baby’s first trip!)

3. Zip-close Plastic Bags: For Storing Dirty Clothes 

Speaking of accidents, what do you do when baby makes a mess all over her adorable outfit?

Forget about dirty clothes stinking up the diaper bag all day. Instead, bring a few gallon-sized plastic bags with you. Simply slide a few plastic bags in your changing table kit “just in case of emergency” to store messy clothes until you can get them washed.

4. Receiving Blanket: To Drape Over the Stroller Like a Blackout Curtain


Sure, a blanket is great to wrap around your baby when the temperatures dip, but a lightweight receiving blanket has a variety of uses, so I always make sure to bring one with me to the Parks.

Use a lightweight receiving blanket to hang over the stroller when baby naps to prevent the sun from peeking through and burning her little feet. My babies always seem to sleep a bit longer when it’s darker inside the stroller too. When my son was a baby and particularly fussy, I’d swaddle him snugly with a blanket to help him settle down. The Disneyland Baby Care Center has rocking chairs that, when combined with a swaddle, seem to be just the ticket for nap time!

5. Waterproof Jacket: For Raindrops and Splashy Rides

Whether it’s a cool, rainy day, or you’re taking on the dips and drops on Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s a great idea to have a waterproof layer for baby to protect him from an unwelcome downpour. Look for a breathable fabric that won’t overheat him and that has a hood, because most babies dislike having water splashed on top of their heads!

6. A Favorite Toy: For Keeping Baby Happy While Standing in Long Lines

A toy, you might be thinking? Why would I bring a toy when Disneyland should be entertainment enough?

Yes, from the parades to the characters, there are lots of bright colors and action for baby to experience, but all the new excitement might be overwhelming for them too. It’s a good idea to have a familiar toy with you for those times when standing in line or waiting for food at the restaurant has baby bored and irritated. A teether is especially important for teething babies, who will be calmed by having something to gnaw on! You might want to bring a few favorite books with you too, so baby can look at them while riding in his stroller.

As you know, the diaper bag can get weighed down very quickly with baby needs for every outing! No need to pack the world, though. Fortunately the Baby Care Centers at Disney Parks are well-equipped and have a shop where you can purchase necessities like diapers, baby food, and pacifiers. Having these few extra items packed up will help everyone have an unforgettable first visit!

Some of the information in this post may have changed after this writing. Please visit Guest Services online at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, or ask Disney Parks Moms Panel to confirm current policies.

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