6 Inspiring Fathers from Disney Movies

There is hardly ever a week that goes by that my family doesn’t sit back and enjoy a Disney film. There are so many great ones that we’ve started to make it our family date night to have a movie night at home.

With Father’s Day coming up, I’ve starting thinking about how many great fathers there are in Disney films. Many show their love and dedication to their family. They inspire their children to succeed in life and can all teach us something along the way.

There are so many different father figures in Disney films to love, but here are six that I find the most inspiring.

  • Pongo


    Pongo is a loving father to 15 Dalmatian puppies. His fun loving attitude and dedication to fatherhood and his family is what helps save his puppies from the evil Cruella De Vil. He loves being a dad so much that he decides to adopt 84 more puppies to complete his family.

  • James


    James always taught Tiana that hard work and dedication can lead to accomplishing your dreams. James dedication to his family and making sure that they had a great life lasted long after he passed. His hard work left a lasting impression on Tiana and inspired her to follow her dreams and make them come true.

  • Marlin


    While he may seem overprotective at first, Marlin thinks that he is just showing how much he cares for his son Nemo. Over time he learns that giving his son some independence can earn trust and strengthen their relationship even more.

  • King Triton

    King Triton

    When his daughter deliberately breaks his rules, King Triton does everything he can to protect Ariel from the human world. But over time he learns that his daughter’s hopes and dreams may be different than what he imagined them to be and came to accept them. He gave his blessing for her to become and human and marry the one that she loved. A true sacrifice as her father.

  • Mufasa


    One of the greatest love stories is the sacrifice that Mufasa makes for his son. Trying to save his son from the stampede, he jumps in without even hesitating because he thinks his son is in danger. Mufasa shows just how much unconditional love we have for our children.

  • Maurice


    To some, Maurice may seem like a crazy inventor, but to Belle, he is the loving and caring father that will do anything for her. While Belle sacrifices herself for her father’s independence in the son’s castle, Maurice won’t stop at anything to save his daughter and make sure she is safe. It’s a true devotion to the father and daughter relationship.

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