6 Things to Remember When You’re Holiday Shopping with Baby

The holiday shopping season is now upon us! But before you head to the mall, it’s important to always stay safe.

Here are some ways I like to keep my family safe whenever we go holiday shopping:


1. Park close to the mall entrance. I always try to park as close to the entrance as possible when I’m at the mall. Many malls also offer valet parking for a small fee, which would be ideal, especially if you’re going to be getting back to your car with a lot of shopping bags.

2. Park under a light post.  With the time change now, it gets darker much faster than you realize. Also, park with the rear first, instead of head first. It will be easier to spot your car since the majority of people park head first.

3. Be careful with clothing racks or displays. Don’t let your little one touch displays or crawl underneath clothing racks. Not all stores secure their displays and it could potentially fall on top of them.

4. Avoid escalators if you can. My almost-2-year-old is fascinated by escalators. But as much as he loves them, we always take the elevator instead, especially if we are using a stroller.

5. Put the car seat inside the shopping cart.  If you are using a baby car seat, always place it inside the shopping cart. Putting it on top could cause it to tip over. I also like to use the carts that are designed as trucks or cars, because I’ll know he’ll be entertained and he won’t try to get off.

6. Consider using a baby carrier. The malls call be pretty chaotic during the holidays, so consider using a baby carrier. Not only will it free up your hands, but you’ll have your baby nice and close to you.

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