6 Lovely Spring Baby Shower Themes

Throwing a party is so much fun, especially for a mom-to-be who is soon expecting a bundle of joy. And a baby shower is a perfect excuse to gather all of her family and friends, so they can show her how much they care for her and the new little one she’s about to meet.

There are so many fun themes that you can go with when throwing a baby shower. I always like to go with a theme that has significance to the mom-to-be. Whether it’s the season when she is expecting, a sport she loves, or even her favorite hobby, it’s wonderful to give her a fun and exciting baby shower that’s full of things she will appreciate.

With spring on the horizon, there are so many baby shower themes that you can throw for mom who is expecting this season.

Take a look at some favorite spring baby shower themes to celebrate the season and the mom-to-be below.

winnie the pooh cupcakes

Hundred Acre Wood: With all of the lovable animals in the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh is a great theme for a mom-to-be. Use carrots that are the vegetables from the Rabbit’s garden. Pick fresh wild flowers that only bloom in the spring and that you’d expect to see in the Hundred Acre Wood. We all know that honey was Pooh’s favorite, and there are so many great food ideas that you can do based on that idea. Or, try a bright and sunny version with these Winnie the Pooh themed baby shower supplies.

April Showers: Don’t let those showers during the month of April get you down. Use them to your advantage and plan a fun baby shower around those rain drops! Use colorful and vintage umbrellas and hang them from the ceiling. If you’re into DIY, make a rain backdrop with blue card stock and pull together with string. Have white cotton candy as edible clouds. Shower her with love with this “April showers” theme!

May Flowers: One of the greatest things about spring is the blooming of gorgeous flowers after a rainy season. Use fresh blooms as the decor. Decorate a cake with edible flowers. There is nothing more beautiful than bright spring blooms, and nothing will brighten her day more than the smell of fresh flowers!

You Are My Sunshine: Celebrate the sunshine after a long winter with this bright and sunny baby shower. Use sunflowers and all things yellow to cheer Mom up! Let Mom know that she and her little one will be rays of sunshine with this bright and fun theme.

Garden Party: Take the party outdoors and celebrate in the green grass surrounded by all of the blooms of spring. There’s hardly any decor required when you let the natural landscape that spring offers with this theme. Use the soft colors that you are surrounded by as the inspiration for your colors. Get from fresh flowers for centerpieces on the tables and then use foods that you would grow in a garden for the food during the party.

Some-Bunny Loves You: Bunnies are so prevalent during the spring season, so why not use that as inspiration for her party? Use carrots, fuzzy bunny tails, and a green as you decorate. Use the color white for a sophisticated look and bring in some soft pale colors from spring flowers for the decor. Have guests bring stuffed bunnies that the mom-to-be can give to her little one when he or she is born. Those gifts will remind her of this special day and she can cherish them forever.

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