6 Gifts That Can Really Help Out a New Mommy

Now that I’ve been a new mom twice, I’ve seen some of the most helpful things you can do for a new mom (and tried desperately to keep them in my brain so when it’s someone else’s turn, I can remember what I most appreciated).

New Baby
  1. Snacks – I had no idea how HUNGRY I would be post-delivery and starting nursing. And how I would be desperate for anything to eat that didn’t take much time to prepare. A basket of healthy snacks like string cheese, energy bars, dried fruit, and nuts are perfect for a quick bite between nursing and the other demands of a new baby.
  2. Freezer meals – A fresh meal is great, but I especially appreciated my friends who brought over a freezer meal that I could save until my husband went back to work and I was on my own again. On a crazy day, there was nothing like knowing that I could just pull something out of the freezer and we wouldn’t be eating cereal again for dinner.
  3. Restaurant gift certificates – Similarly, a few stashed gift certificates for local places you can order takeout from are golden. Then when dinner just seems like too much, you don’t have to feel guilty about ordering out.
  4. Taking older children – Once you have a second or third baby, the hard thing isn’t necessarily the new baby… it’s juggling the older children. A friend who takes those older kids for a few hours is straight from heaven.
  5. Diaper delivery – There’s nothing worse than running out of diapers or having to make a midnight run to the store to grab a pack of size 2s. A diaper delivery subscription, even if only for a month or two, means one less thing for a new mom to have to worry about (and helps make a little stockpile too. Hallelujah!).
  6. An hour of errand running – With a new baby, even a trip to pick up milk or to the post office can seem so overwhelming. A friend who texts to say, “Can I pick up anything at the store for you?” or “Do you need me to drop off some library books?” is the kind of friend you want to keep around.
What have you found most helpful?
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