6 Fun Facts About My Toddler

“This age is so much fun!” Every mom says it. And of course it is true. Every age truly is a blast. Baylor is 13 months now and he has developed such an amazing personality. He is officially a toddler in every sense of the word. There are certain things that he has learned just in the last month that has made this age my favorite so far. He amazes me every day!

Here are 6 things I love about Baylor at 13 months:

He has the funniest laugh. He giggles at some crazy things. Especially so when he gets his favorite snacks!

He is a pro at baby talk. I’m not even sure if you would call it baby talk. He talks the best mumbo jumbo with all of the certainty in the world. He KNOWS exactly what he is saying.


He is so smart. I am most of the time convinced that he is smarter than me. His mind is like a sponge. He doesn’t let anything get passed him.

He thinks he is as big as we are. I don’t think he has a clue that he is a baby. As far as he knows he is an adult and should be able to do everything that we can do. And most of the time can. He just learned how to catch a full-sized basketball a few days ago. We are all amazed!

He is an adventurous soul. He is always getting into something. He always has a new bruise or scraped up knees. Which is ok. Scraped knees = Adventure. Adventure = FUN.

He is more lovable than the biggest and cuddliest teddy bear you could find. He hands out hugs and kisses like they are going out of style. He can tell if I am having a bad day because just like clock work he will climb into my lap to lay his head on my shoulder and give me a pat on the back.


I know this is all a biased opinion but don’t be fooled. I KNOW all of your babes are just as rad as mine. ;) Moms of toddlers, isn’t this age a BLAST?!


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