6 Easter Activities Your Babies Will Love

Easter can be sort of a letdown for the under-20-pound club, right? Our sweet babies are not yet mobile enough to hunt and gather eggs from the back lawn, and the concept of an Easter basket surprise is mildly lost on them. Yet the good news is that there are plenty of springtime activities your baby will love if you can get creative enough!

Click through for 6 baby-friendly activities to make the most out of your family’s Easter season.

  • Get puzzled.

    Get puzzled.

    If you have older kids, chances are you already own your fair share of foam shapes and puzzles. If not, craft your own Easter egg puzzles out of colored paper and watch as your baby enjoys mixing and matching (and yes, “tasting!”)!

  • Get bubbly.

    Get bubbly.

    I spotted these egg-inspired bubbles around town, but any bubbles will do! Babies will marvel at the shapes and motion as they float through the air with delight.

  • Get messy.

    Get messy.

    Babies love the texture of Easter grass, so why not make a basket for your favorite neighbor and let your sweet baby explore and enjoy until it’s time to give away?

  • Get crafty.

    Get crafty.

    Send a love note to the grandparents by stamping your baby’s finger with a nontoxic ink and doodling a few Easter scenes. They’ll love participating in your project, and the grandparents will smile from [bunny] ear to ear!

  • Get helpful.

    Get helpful.

    Let your baby help you decorate your home for Easter by giving them some springtime-inspired stickers to place on their favorite corners and hiding spots!

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