6 Disney Products to Help Make Counting Fun

“One, twooo, threee, fourrr, fiiiiive….”

Counting is a favorite pastime in our house. We count fingers, toes, toys, blueberries and whatever else we can think of. Turns out, counting is a great distraction during moments where a tantrum is brewing. It’s also an opportunity to reinforce the fact that learning can be fun! Not only will all this counting prepare my little one for the countless games of hide and seek she will play in preschool, but it will help her in other areas of her life (If I have two cookies and I give mommy one cookie…).

Although there are a ton of toys that have an obvious educational spin to them, they aren’t the only ones that can facilitate learning. Take a look at a few Disney products that you can use to help your little one master their 1,2,3’s.

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