6 “Abuela” Remedies

I lived with my grandmother (that’s abuela in Spanish) for most of my life — she was like a second mother to me. It seems like my grandma always had a remedy for any ailment I was facing. Some of them may seem silly, and maybe they were just old wives’ tales (or old abuela tales) — but some of them actually work!

Below is a list I compiled of some “abuela remedies” from my own grandmother and the grandmothers of some of my friends.

abuelita remedies

  1. With summer coming up, you might be spending a lot of time outside and could risk getting stung by a bee. But fear not, rub some cut-up raw garlic on that sting, and you’ll be fine!
  2. Did your toddler bump his head? Take a slice of potato and rub it where he bumped his head and no bump will appear. I have a friend who swears by this.
  3. Have a cough that’s driving you crazy? Boil milk with 2 – 3 leaves of oregano and drink up.
  4. If anyone in your family gets a minor burn that doesn’t break the skin put some white toothpaste on it… it will numb the pain and prevent blistering.
  5. Hiccups are annoying. But every abuela in Miami knows all you have to do to get rid of hiccups is use some spit to stick a string on your forehead… those hiccups will be gone in no time.
  6. For earaches, take a clove of garlic, wrap it in cotton, and warm it up in the microwave. Stick it in the ear, and soon the pain will be gone. I used to suffer from earaches as a child, and this always worked for me.

Disclaimer: None of our abuelas are medical doctors, so be sure to seek the advice of a medical professional before using any kind of treatment/remedy you read here or anywhere on the internet. This is just for fun. 

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