5 Simple Ways to Add Pops of Color to Baby’s Room

The most fun thing about having an all-white-and-beige, neutral nursery is the option to add fun pops of color whenever and wherever I choose. Pops of color keep the nursery bright, cheerful, and anything but boring. And when done sparingly, it still keeps the room calm and subtle. With all of our furniture being pure white, including bookshelves and window coverings, and beige carpet, bright doses of color all around the room also keep it feeling playful and well, like a kid’s room!


Here are my favorite ways to add bright splashes of color throughout the room.

Crib Sheets: Fresh, new sheets are a quick and inexpensive way to add bright doses of color throughout the room.  It’s fun to experiment with different patterns and colors.  And since most crib bedding sells sheets separately, you can really have fun switching things up a lot.  My baby drools a ton too, so our sheets get pretty stained pretty quick, so it’s a fun, yet much needed, change we make every couple of months.  Pictured is the Monsters, Inc. crib sheet available at Babies “R” Us.

Colorful Banners and Bunting: I have several strands of brightly colored circle and triangle banners hanging throughout the room and they look adorable against our crisp white walls.  The sharp contrast gives baby something to look at too.

Bright Artwork: Whether you DIY your artwork or buy from your favorite artist, bright and colorful artwork is one of the best investments and most fun ways to add a dose of color to baby’s room because you can hold onto the artwork for many, many years, and even pass it down to future generations.  If you steer clear of art that is too youthful, you can even find places to display it in the home once baby has grown up and moved out!

Patterned Pillows: Patterned pillows are available almost everywhere, in any color scheme, print and pattern you can imagine.  You can get them handmade, custom made, store bought or by doing it yourself and display them in the crib (when baby isn’t sleeping) or on your rocking chair.  No matter how you do it though, bright pillows are a quick way to toss in some color.

Fun Display Toys: We have a big collection of brightly colored toys that are hand-me-downs from Hayden’s older brother and sister, and they make for a very functional and classic way to add color to the room.  Toys don’t really go out of style, and when age appropriate, can serve as play things and decorative items.

So how do you add color to your baby’s room?

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