52 Unisex Baby Names From A – Z

It’s no secret that my husband and I are some of the worst baby-namers on the planet.

I mean, that’s not to say that our kids don’t have names, or even nice names, (I happen to think they’re pretty great, of course) but the process of naming babies is brutal to us.

I guess that sort of things happens when you have four children, but nonetheless, I thought it might be helpful to whip us this list for other hapless parents-to-be.

Because what easier way to name a baby than to use a name that would fit for a boy or a girl?

unisex baby names

52 Unisex Baby Names From A – Z

Adrian. Meaning “dark.”


Ashley. Meaning “meadow of ash trees.”


Ashton. Also Old English for “ash tree.”


Avery. English for “Elf ruler.”


Bailey. French for “administrator.”


Blaine. Means “slender.”


Cameron. Of Scottish origin.


Casey. Means “brave.”


Darren. Irish for “great.”


Devon. Means “poet.” Also has many spelling variations, such as “Devan,” or “Deven.”


Erin. A very Irish name with many variations for boy or girl, i.e. Aaron.


Francis. Made popular by St. Francis.


Gabby. Nickname for “Gabrielle” or “Gabriella.”


Gayle. Old English name.


Glaw. Modern name for “rain” in Welsh.


Hayden. Meaning “from the hedged valley.”


Hunter. Quite surprisingly, this means “hunter.”


Indigo. English for the color.


Jade. A name of Spanish origin.


Jamie. An Old English name.


Jesse. Means “wealthy.”


Kelsey. Scottish for “ship island.”


Kennedy. Of Irish origin.


Kiley. Means “beautiful” in Irish.


Lane. English for “old country road.” Makes sense.


Logan. “Grassy knoll.”


Madden. Irish for “little dog.”


Noel. If you can refrain from singing Christmas songs, this one is beautiful for “sings” in French.


Orion. Greek for “son of fire.”


Paris. This would be interesting for a boy or girl and means “lover.”


Payton. Old English for “town” or “settlement.”


Quinn. Means “fifth.”


Reed. Means “red-headed.”


Reagan. “Little king.”


Reese. Welsh for “ardor.”


Riley. “By the rye field.”


Ryan. Irish for “little king.”


Sage. Latin for “wise.”


Shane. Irish for “God is gracious.”


Shay. Also Irish, can be spelled “Shea” as well.


Shelby. English for “village on the edge” and my young sister’s name!


Skylar. “Island of the sky.”


Sydney. French for “wide meadow.”


Taylor. French for “cut.”


Tracy. Greek for “harvester.”


Uri. Hebrew for “my light; my fire.”


Val. Of English origin.


Valentine. Also has Spanish roots.


Wynne. English for “fair.”


Xin. Means “beautiful.”


Yael. Name of Hebrew origin.


Zane. “Gift from God.”










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