50 Perfume-Inspired Baby Names

One of my favorite smells is the sweet scent that comes from a little baby. It is a smell I can’t get enough of, breathing it all in as I rock my own littlest one in my arms. We all know inspiration for our baby’s name can come from countless places but did you know that it could even come from the perfume counter at your local department store? Although I haven’t been wearing much perfume since Lola’s arrival I’ve always loved perfume. My grandmother collected it and as a little girl I would admire the different vessels and bottles that lined her dresser top. I love the beautiful scents, bottles and the memories that we often have the ability to associate with some of our favorite scents. I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of baby names inspired by perfume and cologne scents and their designers. Be sure to visit me here next week as I plan to share photos from my own perfume inspired baby shower!

What are some of your favorite baby names inspired by perfumes?

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