50 of the Cutest Twin Baby Names

For a lot of couples, expecting twins means twice the magic that comes with having one baby. Pregnancy daydreams are filled with images of double strollers, sibling outfits, and much thought is given to the perfect names for the sweet pair. Having two babies means two names will have to be selected, and to help give parents who are expecting two little loves some help I’ve rounded up some of the cutest names for two. Take a look:

  • 50 Cute Twin Baby Names

    50 Cute Twin Baby Names

    Take a look at 50 pairs of the cutest baby names for twins!

  • Twin Girls

    Twin Girls

    Baby names for twin girls.

  • Faith & Hope

    Faith & Hope

    Faith and Hope are both virtue names.

  • Harper & Hailey

    Harper & Hailey

    Harper means harp player and Hailey means hay field.

  • Madison & Morgan

    Madison & Morgan

    Madison means “son of Maud” and Morgan means circling sea.

  • Madison & Mackenzie

    Madison & Mackenzie

    Madison means “son of Maud” and Mackenzie means “son of Kenneth.”

  • Ella & Emma

    Ella & Emma

    Ella means fairy maiden and Emma means universal.

  • Jadyn & Jordan

    Jadyn & Jordan

    Jadyn means “God has heard” and Jordan means “flowing down.”

  • Eden &  Savannah

    Eden & Savannah

    Eden means delight and Savannah means grassland.

  • Olivia & Sophia

    Olivia & Sophia

    Olivia means olive tree and Sophia means wisdom.

  • Ashley & Emily

    Ashley & Emily

    Ashley means “dweller near the ash tree meadow” and Emily means rival.

  • Emily & Elise

    Emily & Elise

    Emily means rival and Elise means “pledged to God.”

  • Abigail & Amelia

    Abigail & Amelia

    Abigail means “my father is joyful” and Amelia means work.

  • Gabriella & Isabella

    Gabriella & Isabella

    Gabriella means “God is my strength” and Isabella means “pledged to God.”

  • Ava & Olivia

    Ava & Olivia

    Ava means life and Olivia means olive tree.

  • Heaven & Nevaeh

    Heaven & Nevaeh

    Heaven is a word name while Nevaeh is Heaven spelled backward.

  • London & Paris

    London & Paris

    London and Paris are both place names.

  • Addison & Avery

    Addison & Avery

    Addison means “son of Adam” and Avery means “ruler of the elves.”

  • Twin Boys

    Twin Boys

  • Ethan & Evan

    Ethan & Evan

    Ethan means strong and Evan means “the Lord is gracious.”

  • Crew & Carson

    Crew & Carson

    Crew is a word name and Carson means “son of the marsh-dwellers.”

  • Isaac & Isaiah

    Isaac & Isaiah

    Isaac means laughter and Isaiah means “Salvation of the Lord.”

  • Parker & Porter

    Parker & Porter

    Parker means park keeper and porter means gatekeeper.

  • Jackson & Joshua

    Jackson & Joshua

    Jackson means “son of Jack” and Joshua means “the Lord is my salvation.”

  • Dylan & Tyler

    Dylan & Tyler

    Dylan means “son of the sea” and Tyler means “maker of tiles.”

  • Nathan & Nicholas

    Nathan & Nicholas

    Nathan means given and Nicholas means “people of victory.”

  • Archer & Aiden

    Archer & Aiden

    Archer means bowman and Aiden means “little and fiery.”

  • Jaden & Jordan

    Jaden & Jordan

    Jaden means “God has heard” and Jordan means “flowing down.”

  • Elijah & Isaiah

    Elijah & Isaiah

    Elijah means “Jehovah is God” and Isaiah means “Salvation of the Lord.”

  • Landon & Lucas

    Landon & Lucas

    Landon means “long hill” and Lucas means “from Luciana.”

  • Hayden & Henry

    Hayden & Henry

    Hayden means “heather-grown hill” and Henry means “estate ruler.”

  • Nate & Noah

    Nate & Noah

    Nate comes from Nathan, meaning “given” and Noah means “rest and wandering.”

  • Ashton & Avery

    Ashton & Avery

    Ashton means “ash trees place” and Avery means “ruler of the elves.”

  • Aiden & Andrew

    Aiden & Andrew

    Aiden means “little and fiery” and Andrew “strong and manly.”

  • Chance & Chase

    Chance & Chase

    Chance means “chancellor” and Chase means “to hunt.”

  • Jordan & Justin

    Jordan & Justin

    Jordan means “flowing down” and Justin means righteous.

  • Twin Boy & Girl

    Twin Boy & Girl

  • Oliver & Olivia

    Oliver & Olivia

    Olivia and Oliver both mean olive tree.

  • Garrett and Grace

    Garrett and Grace

    Garrett means “spear strength” and Grace is a virtue name.

  • Mason & Madison

    Mason & Madison

    Madison means “son of Maud” and Mason means “worker in stone.”

  • Tyler & Taylor

    Tyler & Taylor

    Tyler means “maker of tiles” and Taylor is an occupational name meaning “tailor.”

  • Bronx & Brooklyn

    Bronx & Brooklyn

    Bronx and Brooklyn are both place names.

  • Ethan & Emma

    Ethan & Emma

    Ethan means strong and Emma means universal.

  • Leo & Lola

    Leo & Lola

    Lola is short for Dolores and Leo means lion.

  • Landon & London

    Landon & London

    London is a place name and Landon means “long hill.”

  • Zack & Zoey

    Zack & Zoey

    Zoëy means life and Zack is short for Zachary which means “the Lord has remembered.”

  • Benjamin & Abigail

    Benjamin & Abigail

    Benjamin means “son of the right hand” and Abigail means “my father is joyful.”

  • Miles & Mackenzie

    Miles & Mackenzie

    Miles means merciful and Mackenzie means “son of Kenneth.”

  • Lincoln & Lilith

    Lincoln & Lilith

    Lincoln means “town by the pool” and Lilith means ghost.

  • Riley & Reagan

    Riley & Reagan

    Reagan means “little king” and Riley means courageous.

  • Charlie & Charlotte

    Charlie & Charlotte

    Charlotte and Charlie both mean “free man.

  • Samuel & Sophia

    Samuel & Sophia

    Samuel means “told by God” and Sophia means wisdom.

  • Isaiah & Isabella

    Isaiah & Isabella

    Isaiah means “Salvation of the Lord” and Isabella means “pledged to God.”

  • Ethan & Ella

    Ethan & Ella

    Ethan means strong and Ella means fairy maiden.

What are your favorite twin names? (Name meanings via Nameberry.)

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