50 Free Fonts for Baby Shower Invitations and Birth Announcements

Whether you’re planning your baby shower or getting ready to send out birth announcements, if you’re a DIY-er like me, you’ll want to have a variety of fonts from which to choose to match your theme and style. Here are my top FIFTY font picks – all free – for all of your baby stationery needs!

  • 50 Free Fonts for Baby Stationery

    50 Free Fonts for Baby Stationery

    Here are my favorite 50 fonts for baby stationery, grouped by category: Pretty Fonts for Girls, Fun Fonts for Boys, Modern, Bold, Retro, Sweet, Classic, Playful, Casual and Whimsical.

  • Pretty Fonts for Girls

    Everything about these fonts is made of sugar, spice and everything nice – just like your little baby girl! Sofia and Sacramento available from Cursif and Odstemplik available from

    Get Lavanderia from

  • Fun Fonts for Boys

    If you’re looking for something fun for your little man, try one of these fun fonts for boys! Payphone and Penelope Anne offer a serious yet playful touch, while Chremsel Serif and Villa Didot offer a more solid, traditional look. Makes You Stronger is a great font to incorporate a script style into your design without getting too feminine.

    Get all these fonts at

  • Modern Fonts

    If you’re going for a more modern look suited to current trends, anyone of these fonts will make your baby shower invitation or birth announcement stand out from the pack. Code Light and Eurofurence Light available from Wisdom Script and Blanch available from

    Get Silverfake from

  • Bold Fonts

    Going for the bold and dramatic with your shower invitations or birth announcements? These fonts, paired with bright colors, will be sure to make a statement as soon as anyone opens the envelope! Orniste, ChunkFive and FetteEgyptienne all available from

    Get Intro Inline and Weston Light from

  • Retro Fonts

    If you’re going for a more vintage look and feel, try out these retro throwback fonts to add a touch of the yesteryear to your baby stationery. Eccentric and Calamity Jane available from Pacifico and Caviar Dreams available from

    Get Haymaker from

  • Sweet Fonts

    Is your baby shower or new little one just as sweet as can be? Cater to your little sweet pea with these sugary fonts. Somebody That I Used To Know, Call Me Maybe and Centeria Demo all available from Get CAC Champagne from

    Get Matilde Sketch from Type Depot

  • Classic Fonts

    Having a more traditional baby shower? Each of these classic fonts had a traditional touch without looking too stuffy. For classic script try Allura or English hand, or play with modern takes on typewriter styles like Special Elite and Nixie One. Fertigo Pro is a great sans-serif font with just a splash of flair to keep it interesting.

    Get all of these fonts at

  • Playful Fonts

    If you’re looking to add just a hint of playful fun, try these handwritten fonts. Janda Elegant Handwritng, Voluptate Demo and BigMisterC all available from Clicker Script available from Google Fonts.

    Get Sail from

  • Casual Fonts

    Planning more a laid-back gathering? These casual fonts still have plenty of visual interest without looking ho-hum. Jenna Sue, soymilk, Mathilde and Easy Rider all available from

    Get Meddon from Google Fonts

  • Whimsical Fonts

    Dreaming of unicorns and rainbows? These whimsical fonts are the perfect flight of fancy to add to your fantastical baby stationery! Yummah Strawberriez, King Cool, Learning Curve Dashed and Carte Blanche all available from

    Get NeoRetroDraw from

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