50 Baby Names Inspired by Great Romances!

Love is in the air… and what a perfect inspiration for some truly romantic baby names! From classic love stories like West Side Story and Casablanca to modern love like How I Met Your Mother and LOST, here are 25 pairs of great romances that are sure to warm your heart and inspire you on your baby naming quest. Click through and you’ll even find some Disney-inspired romantic baby names, too!

Cupid graphics used with permission by Nikki Kennington via Paper Gravy; get all of Nikki’s supercute free Valentine’s printables here!

  • Love Is In the Air!

    Love Is In the Air!

    Get ready to get romantically inspired with these 50 baby names from great romances on stage and screen!

  • Ilsa & Rick

    Ilsa & Rick

    Casablanca… what a classic! Even though Ilsa jets off with Victor, we know that Rick will always love her.

  • Sally & Harry

    Sally & Harry

    Or, as you’re probably used to hearing their names, Harry and Sally, portrayed effortlessly by Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan from the 1989 film.

  • Scarlett & Rhett

    Scarlett & Rhett

    Who can forget the feisty, tempestuous romance of the one and only Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler from Margaret Mitchell’s classic Gone With The Wind?

  • Penny & Desmond

    Penny & Desmond

    Oh Penny and Desmond, forever moving through different points in time on LOST. These two time and star-crossed lovers finally reunite, however briefly, in a poignant phone call through space and time in “The Constant” – arguably the best episode of the entire show.

  • Maria & Tony

    Maria & Tony

    A modern Romeo and Juliet set against the backdrop of New York, Maria and Tony are the tragic lovers in this Leonard Bernstein classic.

  • Ellie & Carl

    Ellie & Carl

    From married life to Paradise Falls, the love that Carl has for his late wife Ellie is a heartwarming tale of devotion and adventure in Disney’s UP.

    (Author’s confession: this is probably my favorite pair of names in the whole list, because I love UP so much!)

  • Amy & Rory

    Amy & Rory

    This romance survived all of time and space on the BBC hit, Doctor Who. Even when Amy was locked away in the Pandorica for a thousand years, Rory, her faithful Centurion stood by, guarding and waiting all that time to be reunited with his one true love.

  • Bella & Edward

    Bella & Edward

    Bella, the high schooler, pairs up with hunky vampire Edward (okay, okay… for all you Team Jacob fans, just envision Bella and Jacob.) Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series was host to several complicated, memorable romances!

  • Annie & Sam

    Annie & Sam

    “I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like… magic.”


    When Sam talks about his late wife on the radio show in Sleepless in Seattle, as Annie, tuning in, mouths the word “magic” with him – what an amazing classic romantic movie moment!

  • Fiona & Tommy

    Fiona & Tommy

    A hunting trip in Scotland turns into a wild, romantic adventure for Tommy and Fiona, when the mists of Brigadoon roll in.

  • Rose & Jack

    Rose & Jack

    Your heart will go on for this pair of baby names: Rose and Jack, from James Cameron’s epic love story aboard the Titanic. Both are such timeless, classic names full of romance!

  • Anna & Kristoff

    Anna & Kristoff

    Olaf the Snowman uttered some wise words in Disney’s Frozen: “Some people are worth melting for.” The love between Anna and Kristoff warms up the screen with their lovely romance!

  • Eliza & Henry

    Eliza & Henry

    The rain in Spain doesn’t fall on this pair of baby names! Audrey Hepburn dazzled audiences in My Fair Lady as the charming (if slightly unpolished) Eliza Doolittle and her high society beau, Henry Higgins.

  • Mitchell & Cameron

    Mitchell & Cameron

    Modern Family’s Cameron and Mitchell are probably one of the sweetest couples on TV right now!

  • Lily & Marshall

    Lily & Marshall

    Lily and Marshall share a sweet married romance as the audience waits to find out exactly who “mom” is in the hit TV show, How I Met Your Mother.

  • Viola & William

    Viola & William

    Gwyneth Paltrow earned an Oscar for her portrayal of Viola, William Shakespeare’s fictional muse in the romantic drama Shakespeare in Love.

  • Sandy & Danny

    Sandy & Danny

    What starts as summer lovin’ turns into a full-fledged high school romance and shows just how much Sandy and Danny go together in Grease.

  • Ariel & Eric

    Ariel & Eric

    Make romance part of your world with a sweet nod to Disney’s The Little Mermaid with names like Ariel and Eric!

  • Lise & Jerry

    Lise & Jerry

    An American in Paris swept audiences off their feet with its big splashy dance numbers and the sweet romance between Leslie Caron as the charming Frenchwoman Lise and the suave Gene Kelley as American ex-patriot Jerry.

  • Holly & Paul

    Holly & Paul

    How adorable is the exchange between Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly and her suitor, Paul:

    Paul: “I love you.”
    Holly: “So what?”
    Paul: “So what? So plenty!”

  • Cecilia & Robbie

    Cecilia & Robbie

    Atonement is a sweeping romance full of intrigue set against the backdrop of the Second World War in England, with high-stakes love and jealousy between Cecelia and Robbie.

  • Tiana & Naveen

    Tiana & Naveen

    Who would have thought a princess and a frog could find true love together? Tiana and Naveen surprised us all in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog!

  • Marian & Robin

    Marian & Robin

    The lovely Maid Marian is stolen away by the charming rapscallion and notorious thief of Nottingham, Robin Hood.

  • Kathy & Don

    Kathy & Don

    You’ll be Singin’ in the Rain with Kathy and Don from the classic romantic musical of the same name

  • Mary & George

    Mary & George

    It’s a Wonderful Life was about more than just a Christmas miracle… it was about the love between the humble George and his sweetheart, Mary.

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