Little L’s First 5 Words

It’s absolutely BRILLIANT when you hear that little voice say a proper “real” word. Little L is certainly very vocal  — more than my son ever was. In fact, my son didn’t speak until he was nearly 3 and before then just pointed and motioned what he wanted and kept quiet.


This girl is well — LOUD. She lets us know she is in the room, she is great at repeating sounds and words, has her own version of singing which is more like baby shouts and is trying so hard to communicate with us. Needless to say it’s insanely cute and truly magical to see how this little being is developing and discovering life right in front of your eyes!

So right here, right now I am beaming with pride and excited to share the 5 words my baby girl has learned to say over the past 11 months — tomorrow she will be ONE and we enter a new phase of babyhood.

1. Mama – first word ever!

2. Leche (milk in Spanish) — sounds more like “teh-teh” and it’s usally what we hear first thing in the morning!

3. Bye Bye — and she does the cutest little wave to go with it! Awwwww!

4. Ahí Está — which means “there in Spanish” but she says only “está” when we play peek-a-boo and I ask her in Spanish “where is mami?” and she pulls the blanket back and says “está”

5. Papa — FINALLY! My husband has been waiting for this. I got emotional when I heard her. She had woken up from her nap, we walked into the room and she lifted her arms up in the air, smiled big and said “pa-pa.”

These are the moments, right?

What were your baby’s first words?

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