5 Ways We Make Bee Laugh

February can be a daunting month. Despite the Valentine’s Day-fueled messages of love and commitment, flowers and candy, it’s often bitter cold here in the Midwest with no sign of spring in sight. The dark gray skies seem to stretch the day longer than ever and both Bee and I have been extra restless in these parts. What’s a mama to do? Sip a healthy dose of laughter, the best medicine of all. Here are 5 ways we’re making Bee (and ourselves!) laugh on these dark, wintery days…

  • Laughing Bee

    Laughing Bee

    Click through for 5 ways we’re making Bee laugh this month, and please share your own methods in the comments below!

  • Wrestling


    Bee asks us to wrestle her often, which is code for tickling. We bury our face in her neck and tickle her ribs until her belly laughs fill the room with happiness. She loves “wrestling” on the sofa, in our bed, or even – in this case – on the kitchen floor!

  • Sledding


    When everyone is cooped up and we’re all in need of some fresh air, it’s time for a sled ride through our sleepy neighborhood. Bee loves when we pull her down the icy sidewalks and she giggles loudly, screaming “fastah, fastah, fastah!”

  • Bathtime


    Bathtime bubbles and splashing make Bee giggle with glee, but the fun doesn’t stop there. As I wrap her up in her towel, we play “This Little Piggy Went To The Market” with her toes and she shrieks with delight when the last piggy goes “Wheeeeee!” all the way home. It’s truly the little things, isn’t it?

  • Peek a Boo!

    Peek a Boo!

    Bee’s version of Peekaboo is to put a basket, box or bowl over her head and walk around the house until she runs into something, exclaiming “Peekaboo!” and tossing the object with glee. She could entertain herself for days this way, and sometimes the dogs even play along with audience participation. It’s a surefire laughter boost in our home!

  • Hide and Seek

    Hide and Seek

    Bee hides in the very same spot each time we play, but it doesn’t take away from the laughter that ensues when we jump out and scream “Boo!” as we find each other. Bonus? We get extra exercise as we chase each other around the house before it’s time to hide again.

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