5 Ways To Take Some “Mom Time”

Take 20! It just 20 easy minutes. Schedule in some you time. As moms, we often work so hard to care for others that we forget to relax. But what you often forget is that you can take just a few minutes to relax sans baby. It doesn’t have to be a full-day “off,” and you don’t even have to leave your house. Just pick a time every day to make some time for yourself. Now, this doesn’t include doing the dishes without any interruptions or taking time to put laundry away. It means taking 20 minutes to do something you enjoy! It will help you be a better mom when you take time out of your day to regroup and give yourself a few magical moments.


1. Take a Bath

Lock the door and fill it up with bubbles. In just 15 minutes, you’ll feel so relaxed!

2. Read a Magazine

One of my favorite pastimes is curling up on the couch for hours and flipping through all of my magazines. It’s so much fun to escape reality for just a few minutes and enjoy the quiet.

3. TV Time

Thanks to technology, you can now watch your favorite show that you’ve been dying to watch off of the DVR. A 30-minute television show when fast-forwarded through commercials is 20 minutes. Prop your feet up, lay in your freshly-made bed and don’t worry about having to pause to change a diaper.

4. Take a Siesta

This is something you can with your little one. Instead of catching-up on the dishes, take a nap when baby does. Even if it’s just 20 minutes of shut-eye.

5. Go for a Walk 

Or maybe a jog. Crank up your iTunes, put on your headphones and get some fresh air.

 How do you spend your mommy time?

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