5 Ways to Make Music with Baby

We spend a lot of time listening to music around our house, but babies also get a great deal of joy out of creating their own sounds. Of course, there are lots of great instruments for kids, but here are some simple, fun ways to turn your baby into a little rock star with stuff you probably have around the house.


Hit the Kitchen
Metal pots and pans are a great go-to household item for making music. Give Baby a wooden spoon, a rubber spatula and a plastic ladle to see what different sounds she can create hitting the pots. Add in a plastic storage container or two for variety. If you’re looking for the more mellow version, give Baby a bunch of spoons — plastic, metal, baby — and let her go for it.

Check the Trash
Or rather, maybe think before you throw things in the trash. Turn an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll — even an empty plastic cup — into a microphone (just don’t let Baby suck on the paper items). An empty (cleaned out) plastic milk gallon also makes fun noises when you sing into it or hit it like a drum.

Look at Toys Differently
Grab Baby’s favorite rattle, along with other shakable toys. Add some wooden blocks or stacking rings. If it makes noise, count it in. Start singing some of your favorite songs and show Baby that clapping the toys together or shaking the rattles can help keep the beat or liven up the tune.

Bottle Time
If you’ve got extra plastic baby bottles, fill them with different objects, then securely fasten the top and let Baby start a’shaking. You can use everything from dried rice or jelly beans to wooden blocks and bouncy balls. Just ensure the top is so tightly screwed on that Baby can’t open it.

Jingle Those Bells
Buy some really big (like so big they don’t fit in Baby’s mouth) jingle bells and use them with all of the things mentioned above. Stick ‘em in a pot. Throw a couple in the empty milk carton. Wrap one in a blanket. Drop one in an empty baby bottle. A little jingle makes everything more musical … and fun.

Have you found something around your house that gets Baby rockin’? Please share your ideas in the comments!


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