5 Ways to Help Reduce Stress as a Parent

I realize these may not work for everyone, but for all of us mamas, there comes a time when we need to take a step back and really try to relax. I know its hard, but as soon as I take a mini-break I feel so much better!

I am full-on with two kids, work, and a husband who travels quite often. These past two months, I’ve realized that I simply need to cut back on a few things, take care of ME, and learn to say NO. Just a few small changes here and there have helped me de-stress a bit.

Here are five ways to help reduce some of that mama stress we all have — including swapping out coffee for a green smoothie. YIKES!

  • Green smoothie

    Green smoothie

    I know, I know. We need caffeine in the morning — but I replaced my cup of joe with one of these green smoothies after my friend and health coach suggested I try it. It keeps me full for longer, alert, and not to mention it’s packed with fruits and veggies, which I was really lacking!

    (This one has coconut milk, kale, pear, peach, honey, and chia seeds.)

  • Do something YOU like to do!

    Do something YOU like to do!

    I love reading — not just online, but actual books as well as magazines. I haven’t read a proper book since my oldest was born four years ago. However, once at week, I’ve started to shut down all electronics at night (iPad, computer, phone) and just chill with a book and magazine. Sounds simple, but something I NEVER do. I sleep better not going to bed having ended my night looking at a screen, and I even dream happier things too! Ironic that I chose Lean In, but hey, it’s on my must-read list!

  • Fitness


    Another one that I thought impossible, until I found Stroller Strides. It’s an outdoor exercise class where you can bring your baby! It’s been super hot the past week, but I started going and I instantly felt great. No need to worry about a sitter, the babes came with me and I was able to sweat all my worries away! Felt so, SO good!

  • Not checking emails every minute

    Don't check emails every minute

    Hard, right? Especially with our smart phones at our sides most of the day. I tend to flag the important emails, delete the junk and then I will set time apart to respond to those that require more detail. Oh and learning how to say NO has brought me much happiness! Try it!

  • Ask for help

    Ask for help

    I have a hard time with this one, because I don’t want to put anyone out, but I asked my mother if she could help me out a few times a week so that I could work. She has her own life and things to do, but she was more than happy to, and it alleviated a lot of the pressure and stress! Not everyone has their family nearby, but you could work something out with a neighbor or friends to take turns watching each others’ kids for a few hours.

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