5 Ways to Get Siblings Involved with Baby

I have two little girls that are always eager to touch and hold their baby brother. The first person they ask to see in the morning when they wake up is Macks and he’s the last one that they want to kiss goodnight at bedtime. He has truly won over their hearts.

Macks is only 10 weeks old, so there is still a lot that he relies on me for, but I know how important it is for the girls to get involved too. I am very lucky to have two little girls who love to help out whenever I ask them. They think their little brother is their own personal baby doll that they want to help out with and take care of. In an effort to help them feel included and involved, I have them help me out with many of the routine things we do during the day.


Check out some of the ways that I get the older girls involved in helping with the baby:

1. Diaper Changes: While diaper changes can seem somewhat mundane and routine, it’s a really fun activities for older kids. I usually have my oldest grab me a diaper and wipes and then let both of them talk to their brother while I change his diaper.

2. Bath Time: With Macks being so little I always get a little stressed during bath time. He cries a lot and I am trying to get him washed and bathed as quickly as possible to ease his stress. The girls do their best keeping him entertained while I am bathing him. They get toys to shake and sing him songs. Although stressful, it always ends up being a really nice bonding experience for all of us.


3. Dinner Time: With three kids, sometimes it’s hard for me to find time to get dinner prepared without one kid screaming because they need me. I have found it so much easier to give the girls a task before I go into the kitchen to cook. Sometimes I lay the blanket down on the floor and have all three of them playing on it. Other times Macks is in the bouncer and they just sit there and talk to him. It not only keeps him occupied and smiling, but it also keeps them entertained and busy. A win win.

4. Tummy Time: Macks is not a fan of tummy time, but with a little encouragement from his big sisters, he ends up smiling in the end. I have them get down on his level and talk to him. They always know how to make him smile, so this helps during an activity that he isn’t really fond of.

5. Getting Dressed: While the girls are still too young to get him dressed, they love the idea of playing dress up with their little brother. We turn dress up with their babies into real life with their baby brother. Every morning I let them help pick out his outfit. Once I get him dressed they love the idea of knowing that they helped “dress up” their little brother.

How did you get the big kids involved with a new sibling?


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