5 Ridiculously Cute Cover-Ups for Baby

This year, we have several beach vacations coming up. With three really fair-skinned daughters, I’m always thinking about sun protection, but since our youngest daughter isn’t even 6 months old, she’s not supposed to wear sunscreen yet.

While I wait for her to be old enough for sunscreen, I’ve had to figure out how to shield her from the sun in other ways. These five items have been skin savers for us!

A hat. When you can protect both your eyes and face, neck and shoulders while looking super posh, I think that’s called a win.

An umbrella. If you’re at the beach, a big umbrella gives you shade even under the most glaring sunlight which keeps you both protected and a bit cooler.


Rash guard. I discovered rash guards last summer for my older girls and I love them because it keeps their arms, backs and shoulders (which tend to burn really easily) safe. Alternatively, a sun suit provides even more protection!

A bathrobe. It’s easy for babies to get chilly out near the water, especially if there is a breeze. A little robe keeps them cozy, soaks up the extra water, and keeps the sun off of little arms, legs, and other exposed skin.

Tiny sunglasses. Not only are baby sunglasses so ridiculously cute, they are also great for protecting tiny sensitive eyes.

I love that I can keep my baby’s skin protected without sunscreen and let the whole family enjoy a day at the pool or beach this summer!

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