5 Ways I Can Usually Soothe My Crying Baby

Crying babies.

As a mama, you can’t escape it! But you can find ways to help your baby (and yourself) keep calm.

Some days, I’m bulletproof — the crying, the whining, the complaining (from my older child) just rolls off my back. But other days, I’m thinking “Oh no! What now?”

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every tactic in the book to try to calm crying babies, and over the years I’ve been able to see what works and what doesn’t. I just wish they worked every time.

However, there are five ways I can pretty much soothe, or at least tone down, my 1-year-old’s crying.

1. Make her laugh — So this won’t work with a newborn, but now that my daughter is one, she reacts to funny faces, noises (especially barking) and a light tickle. Unless they are feverish or sick — it works. It distracts them, and they may giggle in between tears.

2. Play peek-a-boo — Again, a distraction that babies LOVE! I take her soft blanket and cover my face then pop out from behind it. I start out slow so that I don’t scare her or make her cry more. She ends up taking the blanket from me, holding it up to her face and playing too.

3. Run water — This is like magic in my house. Seriously. When Little L is crying or whiny and won’t stop, I sit with her in the bathroom by the bathtub and run the water. She immediately stops crying and sticks her little chubby hands in the stream. She squeals with excitement and throws water here and there — but I’d rather be wet than hear her cry.

4. Hand her the TV remote — We have a dummy remote we sometimes bring out in these situations. It’s as if there is a mute button on the baby when we hand it to her. I can’t explain why. It just works.

5. Give her my “phone” — I don’t give my kids my actual phone. I told my son, “Mami’s phone doesn’t have games,” and that’s that. But I know how much toddlers love them, so we also have an old one to bring out I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency). It’s my old Blackberry, and to make it really “real,” I plug it in so she sees the screen. Oh my goodness —another instant crying stopper.

What tactics do you use to calm a crying baby?

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